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Beijing Qiaodong North Ring West Temple merit occurred this morning truck rollover accident casualties

2018-11-06 11:21 Beijing traffic radio TF008

About 6:38 this morning, Beijing traffic radio received the users to provide news clues that merit Temple East to West North Fifth Ring truck rollover accident, police and fire personnel casualties, wrecker has been put in place.

According to reporter Wang Nan news this morning at about 3, the outer ring of merit Temple Bridge East to west direction, three large truck rear end, wherein the first truck rear end, knocked down the front reinforcement truck rear end truck rollover. A truck pulled steel truck and hit the road right in front of the bar may be hit right in front of a moving truck driver, truck driver right in front of the dead.

In addition, reinforcement car also hit a running white car, the traffic police have arrived at the scene, the accident being cleaned.

The two lane bridge on the right side of the temple of merit gradually liberalized access, but still congestion, please pay attention to avoid detour after car.


Source: Beijing traffic radio

Editor: tf008

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