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24 hours is not closing! Beijing Internet court operation two months judge lawyers have said

2018-11-06 12:06 beijing evening news TF017

October 30th, Beijing Internet ushered in the first court case hearing. Since September 9th formally established so far, Beijing Internet court had been running for two months. The new electronic litigation platform, not the same as the trial experience, Beijing court court compared with the traditional Internet what is different? Judges and assistant judges, lawyers, parties, in different roles, different positions, how they feel? Reporter recently visited the relevant personnel, listen to what they say!

The lawyer said, not limited by time and space

10 on the morning of 30, as the Beijing court accepted after the establishment of the Internet since the first case, "trill short video" v. "in partnership with small video copyright infringement dispute of ownership, the trial is not must have heard.

In case the whole online way. As the "vibrato" party lawyers, throughout the course of the trial, Yang Heping is in the "customer" in the office, he sat next to the company is a party's agent, was one of two people to a computer.

"Convenient" is the most intuitive feeling of Yang Heping on the Beijing Internet court. From filing to the court for nearly two months, Yang Heping visited the court of Internet time, that is due to the core of the original case evidence the parties need to identify the authenticity of the scene. In addition to the work he is in Beijing to build the Internet platform of electronic proceedings on the court, "not restricted by time and space".

"I want to submit a material to go to court trip before, now I even people travel in the field, a lot of work to do on the internet. At this point, foreign parties and lawyers may feel deeper." Yang Heping said.

In addition to the time cost, "convenient" is also reflected in the real money cost. Yang Heping told reporters, in the traditional court litigation, evidence submitted by both sides should be printed out. "The evidence in a case may have hundreds of pages or more, not only to the evidence submitted to the judge to give the defendant to copy. In some cases more than one defendant, several defendants will print a few copies. So, this cost is not a small sum of money." And now the Internet court just put all the evidence materials to scan, then once uploaded to the platform of lawsuit, the judge and the other party can see. This not only saves the file delivery time, but also save the cost. For the parties, very convenient, also very environmentally friendly.

In the process of preparing the first hearing of the case ", Yang Heping also feel convenient communication with the judge. "The court is traditional landline phone left us a judge or clerk of the court, the weekend rest is certainly not playing, usually busy court judge, sometimes no one answered the phone call in the past." While the Internet phone in addition to the court in this way, the party or the attorney also can judge a message in the electronic platform for action. "That they are" 24 hours without closing 'really is not an exaggeration, we often on weekdays at night or on the weekend time also received the court's reply, what is the problem of communication is very timely."

For the network trial Yang Heping also feel good: as long as there is a relatively private, uninterrupted network space, can be smooth, it is very convenient for the parties and lawyers.

"Hard to say which point does not adapt, is that we are to speak with a headset, often remember to mention the microphone mouth, this problem can be solved if the future is better." Yang Heping said with a smile.

The judge said: the advantage is to verify the problems on the spot will be able to do

"The first case of hearing the same day, as a member of the collegial panel of judges, Zhu Ge is one of the judges. The entry of Beijing court before the Internet, Zhu Ge is a judge in the intellectual property division of the people's Court of Chaoyang District city of Beijing. So, the Internet for all the court Zhu Ge is "strange" is full of challenges.

"As a judge, we should also work on this platform. The parties apply for receiving and reading electronic files, network, electronic documents on the court and so on, that we are on the internet." So, running and docking with the technical staff, has become a part of the work of the court to judge the internet.

"We will find some problems or new requirements in the work, with the butt of technical personnel, together with the actual grinding platform which is more suitable for action." Zhu Ge said with a smile, sometimes feel like the product manager of Internet Co.

In October 18th, the "vibrato" v. "partnership" case of the court before the meeting is conducted online. Zhu Ge said, because it was her first "real", "there are not used". Zhu Ge told reporters that the traditional trial, the judge and the parties are in court face-to-face communication, when she first in front of a large screen, while occasionally distracted.

"There are a lot of traditional trial court discipline, including not what things come in are required, the court party in what I can see. But now a large screen, the parties in their own home, what things are at hand." Zhu Ge was feeling, as a judge in the trial of the "command" somewhat "nowhere". "But the advantage of this is that the judge in court often need to verify some of the facts, the court will hear the traditional parties said" we go back to verify, but now some of the parties' responses to our site."

The network trial, the parties are in their own environment, the period will not be anyone to disturb the chaos into the trial, Zhu Ge will worry. The problem in the traditional trial is not complete. So in the network before the trial, the judges of the court and the Internet assistant clerk told the parties need to.

The judge assistant said: things work always be free from

Beijing Internet court assistant judge Lu Ning from the original Beijing railway transportation court. Beijing court after the establishment of the Internet, Beijing Railway Transportation Court revoked at the same time. In Lu Ning view, compared with the traditional court, Beijing court judge make use of technology of Internet and the assistant clerk liberated from some repetitive office work.

"The traditional court evidence materials are printed, and our clerk repetitive work more, constantly fill in various list, constantly organize files, but also from the inside out what is and what is given to the plaintiff the defendant. Now we advocate paperless operation, a lot of work in the electronic litigation platform, in this regard we liberated many affairs. In addition, the electronic platform service than the previous mail also saves a lot of time."

Different from the traditional court, Beijing court of the Internet network no longer has a court clerk seats, trial transcripts by real-time complete speech recognition system. Lu Ning told reporters that the light is record, this one to the clerk to save a large workload, "even if the current system in the voice font also need and clerk of manual sorting of the transcripts were, to be perfect, the parties may encounter heavy accent still need artificial auxiliary completed."

Lu Ning that the Internet does not affect the trial and the parties of communication, "but the bearing carrier has changed, but the ultimate goal is to run the case." This model for the parties, save the cost of litigation; for the court, but also save the judicial resources.

The reporter asked to help you:

1. online trial is not must have a computer?

Answer: in principle, a smart mobile phone will be able to fix, but the judge recommended the use of computer equipment, a more stable, on the other hand, in the process of trial for both sides of the exchange of evidence seems more convenient.

2. if the defendant after the court summons without justification refused to participate in the trial, whether the court can also network trial by default?

Answer: must be able to. This principle is the same with the traditional court, but in the Internet Network court trial, the defendant that is about "black", the other party will be hearing.

The court will be 3. Internet cable under the court?

Answer: of course. According to the "Regulations" the Supreme People's Court on Several Issues Concerning Internet court cases, the court take Internet online to hear the case, the case acceptance, delivery, mediation, evidence exchange, pretrial, trial and sentencing procedure shall be completed online. But according to the application of the parties or the needs of trial, the court may decide to complete part of the Internet link of online litigation.

The court is currently Beijing court for Internet line procedure is under construction. It is reported that the traditional court also will be the installation of video equipment, will be both traditional court and network court functions.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhang Lei intern reporter Xu Huiyao

Editor: TF017

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