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Beijing Metro Line 19 "heikichi" interval shield machine originating in Nanming at the end of the track Jishuitan

2018-11-06 11:25 beijing evening news TF008

3 November 5th afternoon, the Metro Line 19 04 standard Ping Station - Jishuitan station left line "Ping Ji", the smooth launching of shield machine, at the end of line 19 South Jishuitan official laying foundation, but also means that the 19 Xian Xin house to 2020 by the end of the opening period of Jishuitan process accelerated.

"Ping Ji", the smooth launching of shield machine Chenggong.

At 3:18 in the afternoon, ready with the installation and debugging of the preparatory work, the "Ping Ji", the smooth launching of shield machine, heading south. The construction site map shows that the shield line will start well in the originating station at the southern end Jishuitan, along the New Street North Avenue to the south to Xizhimen in the street lay, and Zhao Dengyu Road intersection beneath the existing range of line 4 continues southward after excavation, Shun zhaodengyu road to Ping Station North end line crossing, full length more than 1200 meters. The shield machine in the formal transfer of this year 9 month 15 day, this afternoon to smooth the origin driving." The construction unit of railway tunnel Bureau line 19 04 Standard Shield manager Liu Yahui said.

Ping to Jishuitan interval complex construction environment, "Ping Ji" shield machine is also facing a lot of risks in the tunneling construction. "The shield exists premium risk source 1, a level 5 level two risk sources, risk source 11. Among them, through existing line 4 grade risk source, line 19, line 4 floor roof distance up to 7.44 meters away from the net." Liu Yahui said, they have to further optimize the construction program, will complete the task of driving day and night. "We will keep 24 hours of uninterrupted construction, every day is expected to driving 20 meters, is expected in the next year 2 month the successful completion of excavation."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Intern Hu Decheng

Editor: tf008

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