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"2018 Chinese import guidebook" released: Beijing ranks first in sales of imported goods

2018-11-06 11:11 beijing evening news TF008

Today morning, Chinese CCPIT Research Institute, Jingdong from the joint laboratory big data release of "2018 China import guide in the first Chinese International Import Expo together". It is reported that China's imports of the main consumer brands dominated by men, mostly young people 26 to 45 years old, white-collar workers and educators. The first half of this year data, Beijing imported goods sales ranked first in the city.

Jingdong group announced direct contract and purchase of nearly billion imported brands

At the same time, the Jingdong group announced the "period of fair", to the Jingdong group as the main body is expected to direct contract and purchase of nearly billion imported brand products, including rice technology, BSH, Tiger, Delong, Dale, Malanshi and other international well-known brands, check out the first high order for imports into china.

"In the context of a new era of Jingdong on behalf of a number of outstanding e-commerce platform in the function advantage, optimize the consumption structure, the introduction of high-quality imported goods, promoting the upgrading of domestic consumption, attract consumer and enhance domestic supply and return to play an important role." China CCPIT Zhao Ping director of International Trade Research Institute said.

The formal operation of full cargo flights, will meet the personalized demands of more businesses and consumers, enhance the warehouse hair aging, especially the increase of logistics time of Beijing Tianjin Hebei region and the Pearl River Delta region, to achieve "overnight". It also shows that the global supply chain logistics Jingdong build intelligent network (GSSC) based on the construction of the road to make new.

This year the first half of the imported models upgrade Chinese people love to buy imported mobile phone

Reporters from the "2018 Chinese import guide manual" was informed that China is the world's largest importer of agricultural products. This year 1 to August, amounted to 600 billion 600 million yuan total imports of agricultural products China. Chinese mainly imported agricultural products including soy, dairy products, beef and Wine etc..

2018 1 to 8 months, Chinese car imports 78 million units, representing a decrease of 2%, but because the imported models upgrade, 2018 1 to 8 months, China car imports 2286 billion, an increase of 9%.

Big data in the manual also show that the first half of this year, imports of goods sales of the top five categories of mobile phone, computer office, home appliances, digital and maternal. China's consumer demand for imported goods is strong, the consumption of imported goods accounted for the total consumption of goods accounted for more than three percent of consumers surveyed accounted for more than 20%, their consumption of goods including electrical and electronic products, cosmetics, baby products, watch glasses, cars and jewelry.

Last year, nearly 1/3 of global luxury goods are Chinese consumers bought

It is worth mentioning that the director, the circulation chamber Chinese Academy of Social Sciences Financial Strategy Research Institute researcher Yi Shaohua said, 2017 China consumers of the global luxury market contribution has reached the level of 32%, 70% luxury consumption occurred in overseas. The "price" is the main factor in the luxury consumption abroad, because these domestic brand price is higher than abroad a lot, it is natural to go abroad to buy, also had private purchasing, shoddy and other issues. In this problem, cross-border electricity supplier through overseas direct mining, brand cooperation, bulk purchasing, contributed to the decline in the price of luxury goods.

Thus, in recent years, great changes have taken place in the global production and consumption pattern, from the "East West purchase sales" into a "global procurement of global sales". At the end of June 2018, China's current cross-border online shopping users has reached 75 million people. With the income growth and consumption upgrade, Chinese consumer market show the purchasing power can not be underestimated. However, many intermediate links, long cycle of shopping has become the two important factors restricting the consumption of imported goods.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Meng Huan

Editor: tf008

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