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The new medical reform! Beijing public hospital to explore global recruitment

2018-11-06 10:21 Beijing daily client TF011

The future, vice president for public hospital, is expected to explore the development of global recruitment. Another major move as the city to further deepen the reform, today (6 days), the Beijing Municipal Planning Commission a comprehensive interpretation of the latest release of "the establishment of a modern hospital management system implementation plan" in Beijing city.

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Hospital performance appraisal will be linked with the appointment of

The City Planning Commission responsible person, the program emphasizes the leadership role and mechanism of public hospitals, the leaders of public hospitals supplement rich content. Including promoting the public hospital, vice president of specialization and occupation construction, in order to meet the needs of scientific and modern hospital management.

At the same time to expand the scope of employment, adhere to all corners of the country, by exploring the global recruitment timely.

Perfect public hospital leadership personnel occupation development guarantee policy, expand the occupation development space, provide promotion, learning and training opportunities; carry out the leadership of public hospital salary system pilot, according to the target and mission requirements, build the ladder of public hospital leaders salary system on performance appraisal, the implementation of dynamic adjustment of salary standard leaders. Exploration and subsidies through public finance channels. For a long time, the hospital management and made significant achievements and contributions of the leaders, in accordance with the relevant provisions of the granting of recognition awards.

To improve the government performance appraisal system for public hospitals, regularly organize public hospital performance appraisal and the leaders of the year and the term target responsibility assessment, examination results and financial subsidies, medical insurance payment, the total amount of pay for performance and Dean pay, appointment, rewards and punishment linked evaluation results public within a certain range.

The medical staff of medical ethics implementation of "one vote veto" system

To strengthen the ideological and political work and the construction of medical ethics.

The establishment of the Party leadership, party and administrative institutions, the president is in charge of the concerted efforts of the medical ethics working mechanism, guide the medical staff to carry forward and practice and dedication, love too lofty occupation spirit, shaping the medical skills, medical ethics, rigorous style of business ethics.

The program emphasizes the medical personnel 'medical skills, medical ethics, Yifeng rigorous industry style ", put forward a sound medical personnel of medical ethics archives, and explore the establishment of a medical ethics evaluation system for the medical personnel of medical ethics, implementation of" one vote veto "system, the performance of medical ethics and medical personnel promotion, job hiring, Pingxianpingyou and regular assessment linked. The hospital to promote the construction of spiritual civilization, the implementation of the ideological work responsibility system, manage all kinds of hospital culture. Good doctor nurse day festival, held activities, care for medical staff. To safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of medical personnel, medical personnel respect for labor and hard work, do all kinds of work and Tuiyou award in recognition of medical personnel occupation had a strong sense of honor.

Public hospitals will be built public participation Committee

It is worth mentioning that the proposed scheme improve social governance mechanism in public hospitals, explore the establishment of public participation under the leadership of the Party committee, the formation of institutionalized channels of public participation in decision-making and management of the hospital, in order to better respond to the needs of the public.

Plan put forward to perfect the mechanism of public participation. Carry out the party's mass line, improve social governance mechanism, public participation committee members, mainly by the NPC deputies and CPPCC members, representatives of professional associations, hospital management experts, service objects and resident representatives, the formation of public participation in decision-making and institutional hospital management channels management, to better respond to public demand.

"Implementation plan" put forward the overall goal of the reform, namely, to 2020, the basic form of safeguarding the public interest, arouse the enthusiasm of the public hospitals, to ensure the sustainable operation mechanism and decision-making, execution and supervision of mutual coordination and mutual restriction, the governance mechanism of mutual promotion, to promote public hospital management standardization, meticulous and scientific. The basic establishment of clear responsibilities, scientific management, improve governance, efficient operation, effective supervision of modern hospital management system. At the same time, focus on the improvement of hospital governance mechanism, and improve the hospital management system and strengthen the construction of the party's three hospitals, put forward 25 key tasks to establish a modern hospital management system.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Liu Huan: client

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