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The 29 departments into 12 Beijing Dongcheng "big system" in the open

2018-11-06 10:03 Beijing daily client TF011

11 month 6 days, held in Dongcheng District street management system reform mobilization will be fully open, summed up the 3 Street pilot experience, fully open reform of community management system in the region of the other 14 street work.

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In May this year, Dongcheng District in Dongzhimen, Chaoyangmen, east 3 Street implementation of the reform of community management system. Through empowerment, sinking, efficiency, effectively smooth between the street and the bureaus of upper and lower levels, the focus of the work the streets gradually to the management and service, the streets in the "whistle" process is more powerful in the service of the residents in the masses, emboldened more.

Dongcheng District street of this round of reform of the management system, mainly includes the following aspects:

Is a comprehensive set of street institutions. In the community, people oriented, problem oriented, the street organ from the original "to 25 departments on counterparts" and 4 institutions, a comprehensive set "six do a commission of a team of four Center Street guide, put more focus on community construction and public service.

"Six do" include comprehensive security office, party office, office of community construction, people's livelihood security office, community safety office and city management office. "Wei" refers to the Discipline Committee (monitoring group), responsibilities remain unchanged.

"A team" refers to the comprehensive law enforcement team. The street law enforcement team as the main body, from the public security, industry and commerce, food and drug supervision, transportation, fire and other law enforcement departments to deploy staff set up integrated Street enforcement team, personnel, responsibilities, working mechanism, site relative curing, promote law enforcement forces, sinking grassroots law enforcement, integrated law enforcement entity operating platform.

The "center" refers to a unified set of 4 institutions: the newly established party service center; retain the community service center (no longer add to the "Community Sports Center" sign); the change of social security responsibilities, renamed the administrative service center; public service center and the integration of sanitation, building grid service management center. To add to the "comprehensive management center" brand.

The two is to reduce the level of management. Based on keeping the original level leadership positions on the street, deputy secretary of the street committee, deputy director of the office of the "six serves as the director of the office. Armed forces minister and chairman of Union Street to assist the director, and 1 additional community party secretary working committee member, make streets more efficient operation, scientific.

Three is the full strength of Party building work. The total amount of the preparation of the overall management principle, the total administrative establishment of internal organs remain unchanged, the streets according to actual work arrangement of "six do" compilation. Increase the cause of the preparation of 10 for each street, to set up and complement the original institutions lack of new institutions. In addition to the newly formed party service center to ensure the 9 compilation, the remaining three institutions prepared based on the actual reasonable allocation for street work.

Four is the establishment of the list of responsibilities of street access system. The relevant departments under the guidance of combing the formation of 106 Street internal organs duties list, as the main basis to carry out the work, to perform the functions of the street, the street community should not be added to the burden of firmly in the door, the streets can be more concentrated on the main responsibility for the main industry.

Clear with one of the following three conditions, can apply for duty matters: one is the provisions of laws and regulations; two is the municipal government document made clear requirements; three is a revision of the editorial board, the office for the city increased.

Five is to set up a community specialist, to promote the work force to sink. Set the community specialist position is the reform of Dongcheng District street management system innovation and a big characteristic. The reform of the management system of full open street, continue to set the community specialist positions, in principle, held by zhengkeji leading cadres, every 1 - 3 community specialist is responsible for the work of the community; the community specialist assistant post setting, as part of the Fu Keji leading cadres, to arrange community requirements and Assistant Commissioner conditions.

As the Assistant Commissioner and the community street committee, offices in the community full-time cadres, to guide and assist the community committees, community committees to carry out a comprehensive work.

After the reform, the region has selected 159 community specialist and assistant, found the first time, coordinate and solve the masses around the troubles, realized the responsibility in the first implementation, scheduling in line, in line to solve the problem.

The mobilization meeting, Dongcheng District sent 7 working groups to guide street work, 14 Street will be in accordance with the requirements of the District, street quickly held a mobilization meeting, the team democratic life and Party organizational life, the adjustment of internal organs, the staff quickly put in place.

"Dongcheng District comprehensive reform community management system, is to fully implement the Party 'measures Jie Xiang whistle, department for" major reform deployment, the street work all around the grass like, all around the community, do everything around the problem, all around the turn of the masses, effectively solve the contact service people last mile problem." Dongcheng District responsible person said.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Yu Lishuang client

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