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Beijing Zhongshan Park into the most beautiful autumn 18 ginkgo tree leaves paved with golden carpet"

2018-11-06 09:57 beijing evening news TF011

The autumn in Beijing is the most beautiful, brilliant colors, blue sky, people feel comfortable. In the fall of Zhongshan Park whether yellow leaves of ginkgo, silver maple, tulip tree; or red leaves of Acer palmatum, Euonymus bungeanus, various autumn intertwined, against the red Makinwa, looks very beautiful.

In the Zhongshan Park south gate to the altar, a ginkgo avenue. Here are 18 ginkgo tree, tree age in about 50 years, trunk diameter of 30 cm to 40 cm. Every autumn, the tall ginkgo tree leaves all become yellow. The autumn wind, the leaves like a butterfly, dancing, spinning in the air, and then slowly fell to the ground covered with a layer of golden blanket". Near the altar wall, golden ginkgo leaf in the backdrop of extremely gorgeous red. Here is the tourists stop to take pictures, most places. Is one of the most beautiful landscape park in autumn.

In addition to the south of the altar in the door of Ginkgo Park South Gate on the west side of the 59 planting ginkgo, golden crown reflected in the water, forming a unique scenery. Xi Tan outside the small hill surrounded by trees, several strains of Nandina leaves red Shaotou, Euonymus bungeanus has been infected with light red, softly down, and along the stone steps, we see a quaint thatched pavilion nestled in the light of the autumn, here is the "autumn park landscape with the pavilion". In addition, on the west side of the hillside all kinds of herbaceous flowers and natural style planting also in autumn full face, refreshing.



Source: Beijing evening news reporter Cheng Gong photo

Editor: TF011

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