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Beijing residents access to public flue caused 2 Dead 2 injured water heater exhaust pipe, jailed

2018-11-06 09:06 beijing evening news TF010

Breeding tropical fish, in order to maintain the water temperature in April 2016, Zhu commissioned Jiamou at home installed a gas water heater, but the exhaust pipe of the water heater is connected to the public flue. In April 15, 2017, Zhu in the use of heaters, resulting in the same unit of the two residents of carbon monoxide poisoning, causing two deaths and two injured.

Reporters learned that morning, the trial court decision two guilty of negligence to the crime of endangering public safety, the defendant Jiamou were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for 6 months, the defendant Zhu imprisonment for 3 years and 6 months after the two Beijing intermediate people's Court upheld the appeal.

To keep tropical fish installed gas water heater

The Zhu fish hobby for several years, according to his testimony, the incident about a year ago, in his father-in-law's house a deserted house breeding tropical fish, the installation of water heaters in order to ensure that the water temperature in the tank during the warm season stopped, use two or three times a week, for filling the hot water tank.

Zhu contacted Jiamou, let Jiamou help purchasing and installing a gas water heater. Jiamou usually engaged in air-conditioning installation and maintenance work, the work before understanding the relationship between zhu. The Zhu father-in-law's house on the first floor, water heater installed in the kitchen, when two people are present.

"Jiamou the water heater is installed on the wall in the kitchen, the exhaust pipe connected to the public flue. But I don't know the installation of gas water heaters must exhaust pipe connected with the outdoor, no objection." Zhu said.

Jiamou said, "I know the exhaust pipe of the water heater shall be to the outside, but Zhu did not punch the wall with Zhu, after discussion, he will exhaust gas water heater pipe connected to the public flue."

Waste gas discharged into the public flue caused two dead two injured

The tragedy occurred in the year after April 15, 2017, 20 pm, 21 PM, Zhu two use water heater. At that time he did not know that toxic waste discharged from the exhaust pipe, along the public flue, entered the same unit of the 6 and 10 layers.

In building 6, Liu couple in the night when 21 30 left home, his wife returned to the bedroom to sleep, but found sitting in the living room of the husband very uncomfortable, turned supercilious speechless. I hastened to call his son, he started to wear clothes, but do not wear dizziness immediately fainted. When you wake up, who has been in the hospital."

After identification, Liu couple suffered physical damage are secondary injuries. After the treatment of hyperbaric oxygen chamber, two people out of danger,

However, in the 10 floor of the Liu mother was not so lucky, two night due to gas poisoning. The second day at noon, Liu Moumou husband can call, knock on the door and no response, it broke in and found the man lying on the ground and two.

Two people committed to the crime of endangering public security

During the first trial, Zhu and Liu on behalf of the families of the couple reached a settlement agreement and fulfilled, compensation for the two people 250 thousand yuan, Liu couple of Zhu said understanding.

1 months to 2018 years, the court verdict and Jiamou Zhu guilty of the crime of endangering public safety, Jiamou were sentenced to five years in prison and sentenced to imprisonment in four years. After the Beijing intermediate people's court ruled that the retrial.

In August 2018, the case for retrial. The court for retrial that Zhu as a gas water heater users did not entrust professional installation personnel to install, but choose not to have a professional installation level Jiamou purchasing and installation, when using water heater, carbon monoxide gas through public flue into other rooms, the serious consequences caused by their deaths, serious injuries; installation who Jiamou as a gas water heater, exhaust pipe should be connected to know outside, but the exhaust pipe illegal access to the public flue, endanger public safety.

Ultimately, the court found the two guilty of negligent crime of endangering public safety, the defendant Jiamou were sentenced to 4 years imprisonment for 6 months, the defendant Zhu imprisonment for 3 years and 6 months.

Later, Zhu Moujun and Jiamou appeal. Beijing court that the trial conviction and the applicable law is correct, appropriate sentencing, legal proceedings, the law should be maintained. Finally, the court dismissed the appeal upheld the ruling of two people.

Reminder: exhaust gas water heater tube to prohibit the installation in public flue

In this case, Beijing city gas and gas appliances product quality supervision and inspection station deputy stationmaster issued by the testimony of a blue. It is said, according to the provisions of the "domestic gas instantaneous water heater national standard", the exhaust pipe of gas water heater shall be installed in the ventilation duct of the building and public flue.

A blue, because no public flue exhaust equipment, can only rely on the natural buoyancy force or pumping smoke, in the face of complex climate, the existing public flue flue gas intrusion risk, so as the gas water heater obviously produces a lot of waste gas equipment is not allowed to smoke in the flue pipe is arranged on the public, and should the exhaust pipe is connected to outside.



Source: Beijing evening news Zhang Yu

Editor: TF10

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