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Beijing will build the Internet government services to achieve a total portal login, full Netcom office"

2018-11-06 08:33 Beijing daily TF011

The city government service "1" work is continuing to advance in. Reporters yesterday from the city office was informed that, at the end of the city's matters online will strive to reach more than 90%. Repeat login in order to resolve the problem of enterprises and people online service, Internet service portal the total government will also build a unified.

Data figure Xinhua News Agency reporters Xu Yu photo

7 months of this year, the city issued a "government service" to promote the implementation of Beijing Netcom do "work". Since the program has been implemented, involving various tasks for the network office, are accelerating. In October this year, the municipal government in accordance with the "optimize the business environment special meeting requirements, before the end of this year, two government services online run rate to reach more than 90%." Municipal Government Audit Reform Office of the relevant responsible person said.

The person in charge, the current Tongzhou District to accomplish this goal ahead of time. As of October 25th, 1248 matters in Tongzhou District eBeijing publicity, in addition to the 53 is not suitable for online processing, all online can do.

Haidian District also used the new technology block chain. The government of Haidian District is accelerating landing the first block chain application scenarios, for housing stock trading scene, has completed 108 Business Review and 15 field information on the chain data files, involving the business data of 8 departments of public security, civil affairs, housing construction, industry and commerce, environmental protection, regulation of soil, health, fire protection etc..

At present, the city's 19 municipal departments of the 44 systems to achieve a "one, do the whole Netcom login". City Hall online government services to further optimize the work guidelines, to supplement and improve the guide elements, standard guide application materials, refining process. At the same time, the city government service online hall opened the postal service function, the masses to solve the problem of "last kilometer".

Repeat login in order to resolve the problem of enterprises, people online service, single sign on docking the city district departments continue to promote Internet service system and online government service hall, city hall online government services will become the "total portal".



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Ren Shan client

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