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Beijing Changping launched a 100 day campaign to traffic order 24 hours full coverage

2018-11-06 08:26 Beijing daily client TF011

In order to further strengthen the Huilongguan, Tiantongyuan area traffic order, from 11 month until next year before the Spring Festival, Changping traffic detachment to carry out special rectification for a period of 100 days, to carry out full time traffic order rectification, thorough, illegal parking, illegal motorcycle, motor vehicles running red lights, involving licensing illegal, illegal drinking 5 kinds of traffic chaos.

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The special rectification will be 24 hours a day of full coverage, daily post, night night out, mainly for drunk driving, imported goods restricted time into the six ring to combat illegal activities." Changping Shahe traffic Detachment Battalion Yan Baoli introduced to improve road traffic environment through the special rectification, the complete elimination of traffic accidents.

The 11 month 1 day is the first day of the climax of special rectification, Changping traffic detachment, Changping District Traffic Management Bureau and the local police station involved in convoy dispatched hundreds of police, set up 6 points in the three remediation Tang Lu Dong Xin Zhuang's crossing, crossing, the joint fight against illegal acts involving the key brand of motorcycle. Total nuclear record motorcycle 207, detain illegal motorcycle 25, among them, involving licensing illegal detention of 14 vehicles, 8 drivers, more than 500 other traffic violations punishment.

In the back of Litang road and the intersection of special rectification, Changping traffic detachment Shahe brigade police quickly focus on the 3 road bus lanes of illegal vehicles and motorcycle licensing and other illegal activities involving. Almost 3 road bus lane is closed road, non motor vehicles, Wupaiwuzheng vehicles entering the bus lanes, will affect the normal running of the vehicle.

The action of distal and proximal control card interception, distal two interception way. Reporters on the scene saw a white motorcycle from the lane came, saw a police check ahead, quickly turned retrograde escape. In order to avoid the occurrence of accidents, the distal second interceptions the police quickly stopped, but the owner abandoned the vehicle over the fence to escape. After investigation, the motorcycle license for fake license, according to the law on the police vehicle were detained.

Shahe Police Brigade sergeant Xiao Meng added, the daily traffic enforcement is mostly a police law enforcement, across the line break lights and not required driving violations, the police intercepted education, some illegal owners will escape and break card behavior, increases the difficulty of law enforcement, but also a threat to the safety of the police. In this case, we must take the remote card control, remote secondary interception, effectively avoid the occurrence of accidents and hazards."

In addition to remediation illegal bus lanes, the police also involving a license, unlicensed vehicles carried out remediation. After more than 1 hours, more than 10 vehicles on motorcycle. After police nuclear recorded, most vehicles license for fake license, driving the driver holding part is false this driving, there is this driving and quasi driving type does not match the situation, the police carried out in accordance with the law on illegal drivers.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Sun Yunke Zhao Xijie correspondent client

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