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Beijing municipal Party committee secretary Cai Qi on the forum, unannounced visits to Fangshan what he saw?

2018-11-06 08:09 Beijing daily TF011

Yesterday, the party secretary Cai Qi to the "four noes two straight approach to Fangshan District to check the implementation of the work of long river system.

Check the surrounding environment of river

He stressed that the full implementation of long river system, is an important measure to further implement Xi Jinping thought of ecological civilization, to lay the battle of the water. Must safeguard the lakes health as a major political responsibility, strengthen the iron water, to nail the spirit to long river system effective landing, promote capital water environment early realization of fundamental improvement in the capital, also a beautiful picture of a clear green shore, fish shallow Xiang.

The "Beijing daily" exposure of rural human settlements problems

The problem oriented, do not say hello, base line. The media recently reported many times the rural living environment concern, city leaders came to the river bridge including direct clamping tile well Fangshan District ciluo village, saw a positive outlet river drainage, find the village sewage treatment station of origin.

Check the operation of the sewage treatment equipment

Check equipment operation Cai Qi, government regulatory requirements, strengthen environmental protection water treatment station operation and discharge water quality supervision, strictly eliminate sewage straight row.

The bare bed is building rubbish

The river sand dumps and backyard poultry

Continue to walk along the river patrol in the dry season, river bed exposed so the building waste slag, separated by a road building by building surrounded by garbage dumps, and backyard poultry. Cai Qi rushed to the river town cadres said, we must first from Kishi Ueharu, the first to adhere to the river long river, found problems in a timely manner.

Held a forum to comment on the scene

Cai Qi came to Zhoukou in the town held a forum to listen to the relevant departments of the city and Fangshan District, Zhoukou Zhen implement long river system work. At the forum, Cai Qibian asked: listen to the town last week the main work done? The long river can not guarantee a week round?...... Town cadres to answer.

Zhoukou mayor Cai Qi Zhen Secretary on-site to answer questions

Cai Qi said that the "four noes two straight check long river system implementation, but also to fulfill my duties total length of the river. From the inspection situation, the Fangshan District media reflect the problems of rapid response, strong rectification measures, but there are still some rivers around garbage clean-up is not timely, direct sewage discharge, river system is not the implementation of other issues on the surface, should attach great importance to effectively solve.

The villagers for water management point is proposed

Cai Qi stressed that comprehensively implement the long river system should adhere to the "four combinations". Is a combination of integration and promote the special action, thorough investigation of sewage straight row and exceed the standard discharge. The two is combined with the rural living environment, to make up the short board processing facilities. The three is combined with a new round of millions of acres of afforestation projects, enhance the ability of water conservation. And the four is "Jie Xiang Department report whistle," combining the reform, and guide the relevant forces to perform their duties according to law, to form a joint force.

Cai Qi stressed that the long river system to solve prominent problems. Hold the river blue line, strengthen the supervision of the whole process. Consolidate the built-up area of the smelly water treatment results to prevent the rebound, basically completed before the end of the non built up area of the task of governance. Strengthen water environmental protection, to ensure that the problems found rectification in place before the end of all. "Qinghe action" and "Qing four" special action as the starting point, to crack down on various illegal activities involving lakes, rivers and lakes within the scope of management especially for garbage and other difficult issues, take concrete measures, and resolutely radical. The water of the river, according to local conditions to strengthen construction of sewage facilities; dry river, to strengthen environmental management, but also the original appearance of the river.

Cai Qi stressed that to further improve the working mechanism. Party leaders to take the initiative to "old" rivers and lakes as their responsibility fields. Improve the Department and watershed integrated linkage, explore the establishment of upstream and downstream tributaries, the ecological compensation mechanism. The river long river as an important content of the performance of their duties, each river do regularly patrol, everything was tubes. To strengthen the professional training and the basic forces of long river water. With widely mobilize the masses to participate in social supervision, the formation of the whole society to flood control and water pattern. To strengthen the assessment of accountability, the implementation of monthly checks, monthly ranking, monthly notification system, supervision departments responsible to perform their duties, the long river, ineffective, resort to deceit on the performance of their duties to serious accountability.

Cai Qi stressed that the current Fangshan District should focus on the development of a new round of the southern area of the city a rare opportunity to implement the three year action plan to promote the development of high quality. To enhance the comprehensive carrying capacity of Fangshan metro, insist on production integration of the city, planning and construction of the Liangxiang, Yan Fang, Doudian groups, to create a balanced development of the city anti magnetic center. In order to create a national forest city as the starting point, do a good job of ecological protection and development of green ecological conservation area. Continue to promote the rural living environment and the construction of the beautiful countryside. Grasp the village committees general, building a good rural governance system.

City leaders Cui Shuqiang, Lu Yan, Yang Bin attended.



Source: Beijing daily General Administration | wrote Wang Hao Wu Hongli Dai Bing | photography


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