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"Ten years" "bubble" more than 6000 songs will be off the shelf? Beijing's response to KTV

2018-11-05 22:30 Beijing daily client TF003

Cai Qin's "love me tender", Eason Chan's "ten years", Gloria Tang's "bubble"...... You may want to love these songs from KTV frame! Beijing Daily reporter in November 5th to Beijing more than KTV, some businesses that have been required under the frame of infringement song.

Love to sing KTV you have not found the VOD system recently part of the KTV, some of the past often sing songs for having heard it many times gone?

Recently, Chinese Video Copyright Collective Management Association issued a notice, request KTV terminal operators and production management Cara OK operators in October 31st this year, delete or does not provide more than 6000 music videos to consumers......

The topic was also on the micro-blog hot search:

What's going on?

China sound set Association asked KTV operators

Delete unauthorized works

According to reports, the 10 month 22 days, China Music Association sets in the official website issued "on the part of litigation to stop using the song" the announcement by express delivery, at the same time, issued a notice to the paper version around the industry associations and member units.

Notice that the legal risk has been reduced the user China tone set association license, all Cara OK terminal manufacturers in 2018 years 10 months 31 days before the announcement, will be listed in the annex to the music television work has not received written notice all deleted, do not upload again;

For payment to the Chinese sound set Co Cara OK operator, please delete the involved in this event included the music videos on the local server, has not received the written notice do not re-use; as in the 11 month 2018 years 1 days from the announcement did not delete the annexes to music works by the TV rights right, users need to bear the corresponding legal consequences.

Involving more than 6600 pieces of song

"Love me tender" "ten years" in the column

According to the attachment content, are required under the framework of the music videos a total of 6609. (full list here under the frame of the song)

The singer and for having heard it many times a lot of social TV music works have been in the column, but most of them are restricted to a record company version.

Beijing Daily reporter found out, including Cai Qin's "love me tender" (Limited by Share Ltd Fenghua record version), "Eason Chan Kingmv" "ten years" (Emperor Entertainment (Hongkong) Co., Ltd. Shenleqiu version), "love must die" and "song" "sea broad sky" (Ai Beck Faith version of Limited by Share Ltd the "bubble"), Gloria Tang (Limited by Share Ltd Fenghua record version) and other songs, in his column.

Some of the songs under the framework of the request form

In addition, Hong Kong singer, some famous singer's work was "off the shelf", such as Mao Ning, Yang Yuying singing "Xinyu" (Guangzhou's version of a new era of video and other works).

Some of the songs under the framework of the request form

Chinese sets the Music Association's official website said, by the association of authorization management of TV music works, has accounted for the domestic KTV business places more than 90% of the songs in the music library.

11 month 5 evening, Beijing Daily reporter called Beijing more than KTV, ask the unauthorized songs under the frame of the relevant circumstances, including mi lexing and sing Jimmy Chung said according to the requirements of customer service has been part of the song under the frame, but pure K, treasury and several KTV customer service said, has not received the relevant notice under the plane.

Phonic collect assist further notice:

To promote the KTV copyright market norms and prosperity

Today, China Video Copyright Collective Management Association (referred to as the "set association") is also the official website issued a message, voice set association said, as the start of the first shot KTV Library of genuine use, which caused a stir in the market, for the community of common concern, sets the Music Association recently given official answers.

Sets the Music Association said in answer:

Delete songs, according to the law, must abide by. Sets the Music Association said, according to the relevant provisions of the "copyright collective regulations", the music association sets can only represent NPC and CPPCC (Chinese audio video copyright collective management association and the China Music Copyright Association) members authorized by the licensing work, so the non sound set association or sound assist management works are not within the scope of license.

Non voice rights to the announcement of the per capita more than 6000 music television work in association, therefore, sets the music association in accordance with the law, notify the KTV site and KTV library on-line channels (VOD business) to be deleted is strictly according to the law, the exercise of copyright collective management duties.

Remove the infringing songs will promote KTV copyright market norms and prosperity, the sound in the audio book management union library has a total of more than one hundred and fifty thousand, the number of library with the number of members increased, work increased constantly expanding. This notice delete more than 6000 songs, but very few hits, most of the old hit rate is not high, the KTV library wide base effect co..

The music association sets the notice to remove the infringing use of karaoke music videos, is the first step to clean up and standardize the library, eliminate and regulate channels, set the latest association more genuine and high quality works of members of the most convenient and direct to KTV places, allow consumers to enjoy the latest and most popular edition pleasure and enjoyment. At the same time to completely eliminate the KTV library using unauthorized works, in the channel to encourage more people to join the right.

KTV alleged infringement cases have occurred

Each song was sentenced to compensate 500 yuan

According to Zhejiang Online reported on 2015, Zhejiang Province, Wenling City People's court trial had a collective lawsuit together on the local music association sets the number of KTV, the court held that KTV's actions constitute infringement, should immediately remove the infringing songs from its library. In addition, the court sentenced KTV compensation tone set association every 500 song yuan of economic losses.

According surging news reports, 1 2014 1 to 2016 years 4 months, Yangpu District people's court accepted the plaintiff for the music association sets against works showing right and copyright dispute 116, the way in which the ruling concluded with 10, the defendants were sentenced to bear the corresponding tort liability.

Users voice

See the news, many netizens expressed genuine copyright should be protected but also represent the general trend......

"Still support, respect to the original author"

"Very good, shouted many years"

But there are also netizens worry after KTV to buy the copyright fee may end consumers:

"Buy the copyright on the line, but eventually consumers pay"

"In the future to KTV landlords?"

"It is good for copyright, to love song K means to price"

Someone said love a second KTV:

"Now go to the KTV itself less people, now to buy the copyright, that KTV is not finished?"

"Thanks for a long time not to KTV"

"Influence? Now I would like to ask how many people to go to KTV?"

"A year to become no longer go"

To know more

According to the State Copyright Bureau official website, Chinese audio video copyright collective management association was approved by the National Copyright Administration formally approved (Guoquan No. [2005]30), the Ministry of civil affairs registration in China only audio-visual collective management organizations, according to the video copyright and the rights related to the copyright collective management implementation.

These songs are you love?

Comprehensive: China Youth Daily (ID:zqbcyol), Chinese Video Copyright Collective Management Association official website, the Yangcheng Evening News, Zhejiang online, surging news and online message

Producer: Wang Ran, Chen Yan

Editor: Song Jiayin, Xie Yongli

Source: Beijing daily client

Edit process: RB003

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