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China hundreds of millions of assets scale family reached 133 thousand

2018-11-05 19:35 beijing evening news TF003

The size of the assets of hundreds of millions of households reached 13.3 million, of which the proportion of households, entrepreneurs reached 80%. "2018 China family inheritance entrepreneur white paper" published jointly by CITIC Bank Private Bank and the Hurun research institute. The report focuses Chinese ultra high net worth crowd for the needs and trends of family succession.

The family is the entrepreneur billionaire ultra high net worth families constitute the core of the main army. As of January 2018, hundreds of millions of assets in Greater China reached 133 thousand households, of which the proportion of households, entrepreneurs reached 80%, 106 thousand, 17% higher than last year. Hundreds of millions of assets of entrepreneurs (family) continued growth in the number, but also brought great asset management and planning market space, and asset management and planning is one of the main contents of family succession.

2018 is China 40 years of reform and opening up, the first generation of outstanding private entrepreneurs have come to 30 40 years of business enterprise road, need to complete the intergenerational transmission of stalls. The research found that the two generation of entrepreneurs, the average age of 38 years, tend to start at a young age family planning matters (43.3%), began planning a generation of entrepreneurs tend to middle age (40%). The reason for the generation of "pass" and "commitment" Everything is going smoothly. second generation process is not, for the inheritance of consciousness and the idea of the differences between generations of entrepreneurs and lead to difficulties and challenges facing the second generation succession process, to a certain extent, promote the second generation of entrepreneurs to build stronger consciousness of inheritance.

Succession plan, family trust planning (57.2%) ranked first, followed by the asset allocation plan (53.5%), investment and risk management (45.4%), legal and tax planning (44.2%) and the heritage and succession planning (43%).

As of April 1 2018, Greater China has hundreds of millions of yuan assets "ultra high net worth families the number reached 13.3 million, 1.2 million more than the previous year, the growth rate of 9.9%, which has hundreds of millions of yuan in investable assets" ultra high net worth families "the number has reached 7.8 million 3000 million dollars;" international super high the net family number reached 8.9 million, a year-on-year increase of 10000, the growth rate of 12.5%, which has 3000 million dollars in investable assets "international ultra high net worth families the number reached 5.4 million.

Reporter Fu Yang

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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