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Jinbohui blockchain forum future technology innovation chain block where?

2018-11-05 19:28 beijing evening news TF003

"Beijing golden fair block chain forum" and "the first 2018 China blockchain Application Research Center will be held. This conference focused on global block chain ecosystem, combined with the attention block chain and academic, technology, industry, venture capital, government and many other dimensions. The government, production, learning and research in the common industry leadership and block chain industry authority leaders about 400 people were invited to explore the blockchain technology innovation, application, industry scene blueprint and policy orientation.

"We are pleased that China study block chain application with the world almost, in a leading position, the formulation has been actively participating in international rules, we also have an important voice." At the meeting, the original China CIRC vice chairman Wei Yingning delivered a speech. He said that the future is likely to block chain like online payment, online shopping, network about cars, covering the application and the benefit of the public.

"We want to grasp the encrypted digital currency network, first of all to accurately perceive our currency today is what. Even if we are not clear about the money, of course, will not know what is the encrypted digital currency network, we need to re sort and accurately grasp the essence and the logic of the evolution of money." Wang Yongli, former deputy governor of the bank China stage speech. He appeal to everyone rational view of network digital currency.

2018 is the rapid development of the industrial chain Chinese block stage, block chain applications to accelerate the floor, boost the development of traditional industry with high quality, accelerate industrial restructuring and upgrading. Chinese blockchain Application Research Center Director Guo Yuhang said in a speech at the closing, "the future of coinless block chain has become the mainstream of public opinion, we will see more digital assets, including copyright, identity, the so-called big data exchange of assets, through the chain way more convenient transactions, reduce transaction costs, will become a breakthrough the current regulatory consideration."

The concern is that local governments actively from the industry chain block height positioning technology, and gradually improve the system of government regulatory framework. Based on this, a roundtable discussion the conference launched the theme of "market and competition policy" block chain. The guests pointed out that science and technology financial future will be greater than the financial technology, financial technology is the financial practitioners use existing technology to improve financial efficiency and reduce financial risks, but a lot of technology will work out financial means and methods before, and even the ways of thinking and regulatory changes.

Reporter Fu Yang

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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