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A car turned celery together to help in the high-speed Beijing Tibet Road, Beijing Changping police workers moved celery

2018-11-05 19:26 Beijing daily client TF003

Today (11 Sept. 5) afternoon, nearly 4 points, high-speed Beijing Tibet from Beijing direction 61.8 kilometers, a car loaded with celery Hebei van suddenly lost control after the rollover, immediately rushed to the Changping traffic police and highway maintenance personnel and drivers work together, will be a lot of celery first and moved on to the side of the road, rescue vehicles, timely cleaning the road.

After receiving the alarm, truck rollover, high-speed road traffic police detachment Changping brigade and the first company to road maintenance personnel rushed to the scene, first set up warning signs to avoid two accidents, then quickly clean up the scene. Truck driver said, the car has been unable to open, the floor of the celery sprawled here.

Changping police immediately rushed together and road maintenance workers, help small truck driver on the road and the car moved to celery roadside, until the rescue vehicles arrived, and everyone together to help the driver to transport goods to small celery rescue vehicles, and the vehicle accident off the high speed, the entire rescue process took approximately more than 90 minutes.

It is not what the loss of vegetables, car damage is not small. The driver said the car damage is done, but in any case, have to thank the traffic police and workers. Photo by Li Jianyou

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