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The first session of the international China import fair on the first day of these visits, "be careful thinking" the most eye-catching!

2018-11-05 18:55 Beijing daily client TF003

Today (11 Sept. 5), the first Chinese international import Fair opened in Shanghai.

On behalf of the many political leaders and heads of international organizations, global business leaders, well-known experts and scholars as well as various ministries, domestic places to attend the opening ceremony.

China International Import Expo as the world's first to import as the theme of large-scale national exhibition, including two parts exhibition and forum, brought together many new products and new technology to the forefront of the international, in order to gather the eye, each big business can be no less effort.

Beijing Daily reporter visited the scene for the client, buddies designated key!

"This is the largest in the Expo exhibits, 20 meters long, 10 meters wide, 8 meters high, covering an area of 200 square meters, weighs about 200 tons, processing all kinds of complex parts used in aerospace, automotive and other industries can be. Although the "giant" of the high price of about 2000000 euros, but buyers have the heart of hand chop".

Italy - Leonardo helicopter AW189 value of 2 billion yuan, will set off for the first time in the Expo "hijab".

3 The Boeing Company The exhibition, female pilots experienced aircraft.

The Toyota Corporation advocate car life, people walking assist device

AI technology - Google Corporation Live call The 12 Chinese Zodiacs

The FedEx booth into aircraft style

The amphibious vehicle

The visitors and Pong robot

It is not difficult to see,

To participate in this global businesses have some careful thought".

"Behind the mind",

They look forward to a Chinese express, share the big target "China opportunities".

The next few days,

Beijing is a small series of buddies will also bring more live coverage ~

---- The End developing

Photograph: Pan Wang

Editor: Wang pan

Producer: Li Jihui

Source: Beijing daily client

Edit process: RB003

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