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Brother Helping Center helping action sunshine food basket project started, the community service in Beijing

2018-11-05 18:45 beijing evening news TF003

The weather is getting cold, for the special crowd out everyday purchases has been difficult. Yesterday (November 4th), before the winter the first batch of "love vegetables" by the Dongcheng District brothers assistance center staff to Donghua Gate Street residents home. Founded in 2012, Dongcheng District brother helping center is a charitable organization.

In June 2012, Dongcheng District brothers center helping helping the signing of the agreement with the Donghua Gate Street, officially launched the "improved weekend life support plan" (Sun basket project), every Friday for the area hundreds of families living in difficult family sent a love of vegetables, there are already 20 thousand times he sent to benefit the elderly to eat free vegetables. It has been held for 6 years, to carry out a total of more than 300, more than 2 people to benefit the masses.

Brother every winter for helping the center area of the empty nest elderly poor, widows and orphans, disabled, free love cabbage, gift cumulative 150 tons, benefiting million family; in addition to the love of vegetables, for many years Dongcheng District brothers Helping Center for multiple community Donghua Street provides a free haircut, Pedicure, plumbing and other convenience services.

Sunshine food basket project initially carried out only in the Donghua Gate Street Nanchizi community by residents praise, has been extended to the East, yellow Tugang project, silver gate, prudentia community, Nanchizi, Ganyu, Dengshikou 8 other communities.

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Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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