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Beijing weather forecast: the latest winter time basically determined, for tomorrow "official propaganda"

2018-11-05 18:19 beijing evening news TF003

The past few days, Beijing increasingly cold, many people are concerned about is the winter of Beijing. Answer: Beijing has a winter! Which day this winter has been pretty close, estimated that 10 30 april.

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After the storm, the thicker the chill. Reporters learned from the meteorological department, the lowest temperature today morning, Yanqing station is only 1 degrees, high plains is 0~3. The mountain is 0 DEG C. Today is cloudy weather, sunny morning sky, good visibility. Afternoon, cloudier sky, the highest temperature in Southern Observatory (as of 17) is 10.6 C. In general, the daytime temperature cool, sooner or later it was a little cold.

The winter time why is "pretty close", rather than That's final.? According to the Municipal Meteorological Bureau, because the final conclusions have tomorrow to determine. According to the weather in winter is defined, so far, meet the moving average temperature series for 5 consecutive days is less than or equal to 10 DEG C, the temperature data still day, so not surprisingly, tomorrow will be "official propaganda" this year's winter date. The basic lock is ~ October 30th

"The official propaganda" four seasons into the season is all perfect, so Beijing buddies, right now, we have been living in the winter. You were wearing long johns?

The city meteorological station released 17 weather forecast for the next few days:

5 night: cloudy; 1, 2 South to north about 3; the lowest temperature of 2 DEG C in plain area, the lowest temperature of -2 to 1 DEG C. The maximum relative humidity of 80%

The 6 day: cloudy; the 3 level 1, level 2 to South Plains; the maximum temperature of 12 degrees, the highest temperature of 9~12 degrees in mountain area. The minimum relative humidity of 20%

6 night: cloudy to sunny south to north; 1, 2; plain area, the minimum temperature of 0 degrees, the minimum temperature of -4 DEG C to -1 mountain. The maximum relative humidity of 80%

7 day: cloudy to sunny north to South; 2, 3; plain areas of maximum temperature 13 degrees, the highest temperature in 10 ~ 13 C.

7 night: cloudy; South to North 1, 2; the lowest temperature of 3 DEG C in plain area, the minimum temperature of 0~1 degrees.

Reporter Zhang Hang

Source: Beijing Evening News

Editor: TF003

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