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6000 song off the shelf, you go to KTV sing what?

2018-11-05 17:38 Yangcheng Evening News TF010

Love to sing KTV you have not found the VOD system recently part of the KTV, some of the past often sing songs for having heard it many times gone? Recently, Chinese Video Copyright Collective Management Association, known as "China's only music copyright collective management organization" (hereinafter referred to as the "Chinese tone set association") issued a notice, request KTV terminal operators and production management Cara OK operators in October 31st this year, delete or does not provide more than 6000 music videos to consumers.

The first 6609 K shelf

The announcement of the Chinese sound set association was approved by the State Copyright Bureau, the only video works of our country Ministry of civil affairs registration right collective management organization. 22 last month, Chinese Music Association sets in the official website issued "on the part of litigation to stop using the song" the announcement by express delivery, at the same time, issued a notice to the paper version around the industry associations and member units.

The law has been to reduce the risk of each user China phonic collect assist license, notice requirements of all Cara OK terminal manufacturers in 2018 years 10 months 31 days before the announcement, will be listed in the annex to the music television work has not received written notice all deleted, do not upload again; to set China Co payment notes Cara OK operator, please also delete the involved in this event included the music videos on the local server, has not received the written notice do not reuse; as in 11 2018 month 1 day from not delete announcement listed in the annex to music videos by claim rights, users need to bear the corresponding legal consequences the.

In the announcement, China tone set association was not clear need under the framework of the music television works involve what action. According to the attachment content, the reporter found that are required under the framework of the music television works a total of 6609. The singer and for having heard it many times a lot of social TV music works have been listed in the. Such as the Emperor Entertainment (Hongkong) limited version of Eason Chan's "LONELYCHRISTMAS", "" none such under heaven "next year today", "Joey Yung" hug "escape from you" "summer holiday", "" TWINS "love day after school mix" "orange strawberry apple"; in addition to Hong Kong singer, has a well-known in Guangdong area Mao Ning, Yang Yuying and other singers such as audio and video works, a new era of Guangzhou's version of the "a sunny day" "late autumn" "crescent moon", also in the "off the shelf" list.

Guangzhou KTV: a loss

China sets the Music Association's official website said, by the association of authorization management of TV music works, has accounted for the domestic KTV business premises use the songs in the music library of more than 90%. The Chinese sets the Music Association issued a notice and request the KTV under the frame of music videos, many of the city including Guangzhou, KTV, has received notice of.

"In strict accordance with the implementation of announcement, many songs we can broadcast." A chain of Guangzhou KTV responsible person told the reporter, they learned that the notice in October 31st last week, the paper received a formal announcement. "Each store commonly used music TV works 30 thousand - 5 million, this is the more than 6000 can not be used, consumers can point the song, especially some popular songs is reduced."

"If not off the shelf, we may face legal risks." The responsible person said.

"Not broadcast announcement on the song, we must have a loss of interest." Another Guangzhou KTV chain operator told reporters. "Some enterprises may be tractable under the frame of all the songs, but I believe that many enterprises will wait and see." A KTV operator told reporters, because the songs will make the customer feel unhappy off the shelf, do not rule out some of the operators still adhere to the song is not off the shelf, wait for further legal action before deciding how to deal with.

"Hey have been singing, how suddenly can't sing?" Guangzhou more than KTV operators expressed confusion, especially concern involved music videos "why shesu". The 1 reporters linked to the Chinese sound set association, the relevant staff said, the specific reasons for the shelf to the association's announcement posted on the official website.



Source: Yangcheng Evening News

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