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Next year Beijing Tingzheng local water conservancy construction funds, is expected to reduce the annual personal burden of 2 million units

2018-11-05 17:29 beijing evening news TF010

Reporters from the City Finance Bureau, since January 1, 2019 the cessation of local water conservancy construction funds, expected annual can reduce the burden of 200 million yuan units and individuals.

It is understood that the city water conservancy construction funds from sources including part of government funds and administrative fees income in proportion to the extraction, from the city maintenance and construction tax in proportion to draw, collection of flood control project construction and maintenance management fees etc..

According to the Ministry of finance "on the part of the cancellation notice to adjust the relevant policies of government funds" (fiscal 2017 No. 18) requirements, the central authority of local government to decide the relevant provisions of exemption, reduction or cessation of local water conservancy construction funds, approved by the municipal government, the city since January 1, 2019 Tingzheng (local water conservancy construction funds flood control project construction and maintenance management fees).

Specifically, the flood control project construction and maintenance management fees for the collection of objects in the administrative area of the city land acquisition, land allocation and obtained through the sale of state-owned land use rights construction, expansion and reconstruction project and the use of land units and individuals engaged in non agricultural production. Said the Municipal Finance Bureau, after the cessation of the above, units and individuals are no longer pay the flood control project construction and maintenance management fees, estimated annual units and individuals can reduce the burden of 200 million yuan.



Source: Beijing evening news Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF10

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