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The international agricultural fair ended, Beijing delegation at the trade volume of nearly 500 million, this delicacy won the gold medal

2018-11-05 16:52 beijing evening news TF010

Today, the sixteenth session of Chinese international agricultural products trade fair in Hunan International Convention and Exhibition Center ended Changsha. Reporters from the Beijing Municipal Agricultural Bureau: the Beijing Agricultural Fair Pavilion site trade amounted to 486 million 327 thousand yuan, the old Beijing style, a hundred years of oil chestnut and Beijing ducks and other products won the fair gold medal.

The reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of agriculture, after 5 days of the exhibition, the Beijing Pavilion won the best organization award and Design Award, the comprehensive exhibition has 6 exhibitors of products won the gold medal with 1 landmark exhibition products won the gold medal. In the comprehensive exhibition in the award-winning products include Beijing's "Wang Chih", "old chestnut delicious pickled tofu" hundred years, "imperial oil chestnut peddler" old Beijing style, "Prince Valley Green Valley" and "Yiyuan" brand of rutin sprouts, royal jelly, "Jinfu arts" cherry tomato products.

In a landmark exhibition, "Beijing duck" in the country nearly 500 exhibitors of geographical indications of agricultural products in talent shows itself was named the sixteenth, Chinese International Agricultural Products Fair Gold medal.

It is reported that this transaction will be hosted by the government of Hunan Province, the Ministry of agriculture and rural areas. Beijing Pavilion by the 74 companies at the selection of the composition and characteristics of agricultural products to bring more than 700 exhibitors, including Changping, Huairou chestnut, strawberry, pear, watermelon, persimmon Fangshan Daxing Pinggu peach, Beijing duck and other 7 kinds of products of geographical indications.

In the event, the Beijing geographical indications of agricultural products has received a warm welcome from the audience. "Maoshan Buddha see hi pear" so that we feel the pleasure of Ci Xi had been, "Jingxi rice boiled rice porridge," the scene of "Beijing duck" duck soup brewed on site is to let the audience from the full modern production process "Rose of Miaofeng Mountain" series of cosmetics to the women eager to try.



Source: Beijing evening news Sun Wenwen

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