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Beijing Mentougou coal mining history has lasted thousands of years 2020 years will come to an end

2018-11-05 16:41 Beijing daily client TF011

The transformation of green development, Mentougou in 2020 will be the end of the millennium history of coal mining. 11 March 5, the Municipal Government Information Office held the "opinions" on the promotion of ecological protection and ecological conservation area green development news conference. Mentougou district official said in the meeting, to 2020, after shutting down the Mentougou Taiwan coal mine, the continuation of the Millennium mining activities will exit the stage of history.

Xinhua news agency data figure

The Ecological Conservation District of Beijing City, including Mentougou District, Pinggu District, Huairou District, Yanqing District, Miyun District, Changping District and Fangshan District, and part of the mountain, the city accounted for 68% of the land area of the city accounted for 12.3% of the resident population. Mentougou District of Beijing as the pure mountain area, the area accounted for 98.5%.

In previous years, Mentougou district has the dedication to the development of a fire". The relevant responsible person said, for the implementation of green development, will promote the adjustment of industrial structure's determination to cut to Taiwan in 2020, after the mine closed, nearly a thousand years of coal mining history will exit the stage of history."

At the same time, along with the implementation of the new version of the overall planning of the city, in the Ecological Conservation District of Mentougou, to further clarify the positioning of the Beijing Xishan district. In the process of implementation of zoning planning in Mentougou District, pay more attention to the construction of the beautiful countryside and the reduction of development, but also more emphasis on red delineation and historical and cultural heritage. According to reports, the partition planning in the new index system has 101 items, 51 of which related with ecological development, more than the total index of 50%.

On this basis, the Mentougou Development Zone to further occasion. The responsible person said, the focus on this round of "opinions", will promote the large-scale construction of city green space of 200 hectares, out of 502 thousand square meters of land space Teng 2017 years implementation of green space, the total energy consumption reached 691 thousand and 700 tons of coal, than the "13th Five-Year" planning target fell 18.8%. The first three quarters of this year, Mentougou area of PM2.5 is 46 micrograms / cubic meter, down 19.3% over the same period last year.

The industry, Mentougou will pay more attention to the differences of development. The responsible person said, Mentougou district is the preparation of the region's industrial planning, the initial formation of "cultural tourism, culture and sport medicine and artificial intelligence in three directions. Through the integration of regional mining area road of ancient village culture, revolutionary culture, folk culture, military culture features of ancient production "six culture", with both ecological advantages of resources, accelerate the development of cultural tourism brand. Relying on the technical advantages of scientific research Fuwai cardiovascular research center of the state, to explore creating medical health industry transformation and application of industry, make up the medical health industry development short board. Zhongguancun Mentougou District concentrated around the park 1.89 square kilometers and a new Shougang Mentougou area of 4.1 square kilometers of the industry, in the city to create "artificial intelligent industrial park".



Source: China daily client Author: Sun Jie

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