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Fall river accident, Chongqing bus changed, users across the country!

2018-11-05 17:20 Global network TF010

The bus crashed into the river after the accident, Chongqing city will be equipped with the necessary safety protection facilities, formulated the emergency disposal practices for driver vehicle. Netizens also said: after I took the bus driver who dare to move, will never stand by!

Chongqing: ignoring the rules of behavior to punish the cab equipped with isolation

4, Chongqing departments jointly held a working meeting to strengthen the stability of public traffic safety on:

The punish acts of endangering public security;

The cab is equipped with isolation;

Public transport is the key areas in the station, focusing on the line, focusing on time with safety management personnel;

The driver formulated emergency disposal operation specification.

According to the Hualong news report, the meeting stressed that to prevent any Wanzhou 10.28 cases of similar crimes, the public security organs to form a punishing blow against public security various illegal and criminal acts together, for those who dare to touch, ignoring the rules of laws and regulations, acts of endangering public security, according to the law blow, severely punished, will not be tolerated. The police interference, abuse, etc. assaulted the driver acts of endangering public security, the first time the police promptly dealt with according to law, to constitute the administrative punishment, should be determined in accordance with the law of security detention and other administrative penalties, the criminal should be punished according to law.

The meeting pointed out that the relevant departments should urge enterprises to increase investment, for the vehicle equipped with the necessary safety isolation cab, safety nets or fence facilities, to set up the driver and passengers of the security cordon , posting eye-catching warning logo , set up a security cordon and public traffic management system tool code of conduct, strong implementation.

In addition, the meeting stressed the need to focus on key areas in the station, the line, focusing on the period of subway, buses and other public transportation vehicles equipped with safety management personnel , car service for the masses, to maintain the safety and stability of order. To fully develop a thorough investigation and management of risks, for major risks to supervise the handling, tracking and management. Make full use of the Internet, big data, cloud computing, networking and other technologies, to speed up the public security video surveillance system construction, accelerate the intelligent transportation, fire and other intelligence information construction, the implementation of bus passenger vehicle monitoring, GPS, key alarm and other facilities, emergency disposal, timely warning to remind the driver right.

The meeting pointed out, to strengthen the education of the public in the face of courageous initiative, take our disputes, to take the necessary means of persuasion, stop immediately, prevent escalation of the situation, can not stand.

The news sparked hot friends, many people expressed their support, should promote the country ""!

But there are users not to do so, and ask: when isolated cab drivers, how to do a sudden illness?

In this regard, other users have retorted:

They pulled the bus driver, was recently convicted!

According to Xinhua News Agency reported that recently, the court of Liaoning high tech Industrial Development Zone in Shenyang province has sentenced 3 cases to pull the bus driver:

Ji Chuanming and other 3 defendants which is traveling in the bus out of control, the driver or passengers were injured, constitute the crime of endangering public safety, sentenced to imprisonment for 3 years, probation 4 years sentence.

After hearing that,

The evening of April 25, 2017, residents of Fushun Qingyuan Manchu Autonomous County, Ji Chuanming to take the 133 bus in Shenyang City, because of problems with car driver Zhang dispute. Ji Chuanming Zhang pulled it off the cab. The final bus lost control and crashed into a roadside guardrail.

In the afternoon of August 11th, Shenyang resident Wu Yuxiang 105 bus ride, when the car pulled out of the station, Hunnan district court, because the driver failed to get off and Liu altercation, and yanked, Liu hit the arm, causing the runaway bus, and roadside parked vehicles collided.

In October 19, 2017 14, residents of Shenyang District of Huanggu city in Li Wen to take the 163 bus, get off because of an altercation with the driver closed, and pull each other. The bus brakes, the car is a passenger fell, head injury.

The court held that the,

The defendant Ji Chuanming, Wu Yuxiang, Li Wen in the process of moving the bus pulled the driver, causing the vehicle on public roads out of control, passengers were injured, endanger public safety, the behavior constitutes the crime of endangering public safety. Therefore, the Ji Chuan Ming, Li Wen each sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 4 years, Wu Yuxiang was sentenced to 3 years imprisonment, suspended for 3 years.

Netizen: after I took the bus driver who dare to move, will never stand by!

According to Jiangxi radio and television "Urban Scene" reported that recently, a bus driver in Jiangxi city of Xinyu, Ms. Li, a male passenger was hit, but also shangdebuqing.

In the hospital the bus driver Lee told reporters that happened in 1 at noon. She was from the rearview mirror to see no passengers, the door was closed, closed after seeing another passenger, immediately opened the door, then there is a passenger did not get off, why has been closed, is not deliberately kept off.

See through the surveillance video inside the car, the rear door switch is two times, the vehicle is not restarted, but at this time, a male passenger in Lee rushed up.

Xinyu city bus company comprehensive management department staff, the man angrily rushed from the back, kick to the coin box, the driver slap.

Seeing this, the car several other passengers are trying to discourage the man opened , but the man did not stop.

A few minutes later, the other passengers managed to pull the man , Lee immediately took out the phone ready to call the police, after the man soon left.

Yesterday afternoon, Xinyu City Public Security Bureau of the relevant police investigators Yushui accepted the "city scene" reporter. Fan officer said that male passenger behavior has violated the provisions of Article 43 of the "People's Republic of China Public Security Management Punishment Law", on suspicion of assault, police will male passengers illegal administrative processing!

According to the Nandu reporter to incomplete statistics, since 2018, the media reported the passenger grab the steering wheel as many as 42 events. Shanghai Dabang lawyer Ding Jinkun believes that the daily bus traffic, passengers to grab the steering wheel, beating the driver behavior, which belongs to the acts of endangering public security, shall be punished for violations of the law should be, or to the crime of endangering public safety to criminal investigation.


Net friend:

After I took the bus driver who dare to move,

I won't stand idly by!!!



Source: Chinese Youth Daily (ID:zqbcyol editing: Zhang Liyou) from the Hualong network (reporter: comprehensive que shadow), Xinhua (reporter: Fan Chunsheng), urban site (ID:jxtvdsxc), the Southern Metropolis Daily (nddaily)

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