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Wonderful flower! The robbers found the man does not require much cash to pay the scan code, and this operation?

2018-11-05 16:29 ChuTian Metropolis Daily TF010

With the popularity of WeChat, Alipay, most of the purchase of goods can pay using a mobile phone. But the robbery also requires scan code for the first time I heard. The victim didn't have much cash, did not expect the masked robber said: "no cash you WeChat payment scan code." 11 month 4 days, AFP reporters from Wuhan Xinzhou police that this wonderful case, the 4 robbery suspects have been detention law Wang Street police station.

In late November 1st 9 pm, Xinzhou District Public Security Bureau Wang Street police station received a public warning Mr. Xu, he drove through the street in Wang Ji Cun road, encountered a group of people robbed. Wang Street police station deputy director Shen Haiping led the police quickly arrived at the scene to carry out investigation. According to Mr. Xu told the victim, he drove the two sister funeral home, when traveling to remote areas, was suddenly in front of a few big trunk blocked the way, Mr. Xu will get off to remove the trunk, suddenly a few masked robbers, a few people with a knife hijacked two sisters and Mr. Xu and, gave him to let them put the money into it, Mr. Xu and two sisters who did not take much cash, 160 yuan will be the only money in the hands of the robbers. Unexpectedly, one of the robbers said: "there is no cash you WeChat payment scan code......" Mr. Xu has no way, had to be 300 yuan WeChat in the rest of the money and also to the robber, so just let them leave.

Shen Haiping is aware of the seriousness of the case, immediately report to the Bureau, Xinzhou District Committee, District Public Security Bureau Wu Wei attaches great importance to the synthesis mechanism of crime started immediately, the East Branch of the Criminal Investigation Brigade Combat instruction sheet program, technical team, network security and anti fraud program program of criminal science and technology department in conjunction with Wang set the police station to carry out the investigation and quickly find out the suspect committing the crime and arrested fled in the direction of organization.

After careful investigation early, vigorously support the project staff in the Bureau of the relevant departments, successfully identified 4 suspects, in late November 3rd 9, when 4 suspects gathered again preparing a big project, people feel the time is ripe, the organization of more than 20 police officers rushed to the Yangluo street Xinzhou District dispatched, in Yangluo Han Street Shi Shi Gang road sections the success of the suspect tongmou soldiers (Xinzhou), Fu (Guizhou), Yemou (Xiaogan), Xiao Moupeng Shaw (Xiaogan) captured the scene to investigate crime and crime dagger 2 1 Taiwan motorcycle, mobile phone 4, a number of masks, gloves and other items.

Tushen through the night, 4 suspects confessed their set of robbery crimes, through the network understanding and invited to Xinzhou Wang at present, tongmou soldiers and other 4 suspects have been detained according to law, the case is being further processed.

It is understood that the Wuhan Xinzhou police crime by using synthetic advantages, only 48 hours cracked the knife highway robbery. At present, Xinzhou district this robbery all broken, police said, will continue to maintain a crackdown, the perpetrators not luck.


Source: AFP

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