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Man strangled his wife left the "affection" WeChat, was jailed for 15 years Dutch act attempted to revive

2018-11-05 16:00 Peninsula Morning TF010

"I love you, forever, if you choose the road I accompany you to go ahead of you, wait for me, I will go with you." The couple quarrel because of household chores, irate husband Wang Qiang will be smaller than his ten year old wife strangled, and his wife made such a WeChat, take a lot of drugs, will cut the wrist, instep......

A small old man strangled his wife

The 42 year old Wang Qiang is the people of Jilin, November 7, 1997, Wang Qiang found guilty of robbery by the Wafangdian City City People's court sentenced to seven years in prison, commuted by eleven months a year, on September 25, 2002 released from prison.

2006 years Wang Qiang and 10 years younger than he married Han Xue, married soon had a son. Two people often because life is trivial quarrel, 2011 years after Wang Qiang and his wife divorced, but three years later remarried.

The Wang Qiang family in Xiaogushan Development Zone in Dalian rented a house, the morning of September 30, 2017, Wang Qianghe's wife, because the family quarrelled again. "Because we divorced, so I am very tired of her divorce hanging to his mouth, you don't strangle me in her say" I divorce you, 'with you tomorrow, I will very angry, have strangled her thoughts." Wang Qiang recalled that he was riding in Han Xue, Han Xue on the upper body and arms, then his hands grabbed Han Xue's neck, "after a while, I found her legs kicking quilt, purple face, right mouth bleeding, I let go, I'm afraid she reported me life, no. She."

Subsequently, Wang Qiang went to school the son home, his son at home for her mother, Wang Qiang told him "we quarrel, put your mother cry to sleep." Then the son of Wang Qiang to pick up things, let him go to Aunt 11, before leaving, Wang Qiang's son looked at the mother, "I see some purple face, a little corner of the tears, my mother and I were left." The son said.

Leave the "affection" for WeChat Dutch act

Wang Qiang sent son returned home, to see the dead wife of his regret, he decided to "go" with his wife, he gave his wife a mobile phone to send such a WeChat: "I love you, forever, if you choose the road I accompany you to go ahead, you wait for me for a while, I will go with you."

Wang Qiang is the first large variety of medications, and later with a wallpaper knife, knife cut wrist instep, respectively...... 10 month 1 day at noon, Wang Qiang stumbled with his brother look for him to eat the phone, he refused, found himself not dead, so he thought the roof of building, bare feet out of the door, and later because Tilibuzhi fall in the corridor, a neighbor found immediately after the phone call the police.

After police arrived at the scene, Wang Qiang will be sent to the hospital, in the awake after truthfully confessed the facts of the crime of killing his wife. After identification, the external force caused by mechanical asphyxia death by Han Xue neck.

Intentional homicide sentenced to 15 years

2017 years and 10 month 2 days, Wang Qiang was detained in the same year 10 month 12 days was arrested. In April 6, 2018, the Dalian Municipal People's Procuratorate to the crime of intentional homicide prosecution against Wang Qiang.

Although Wang Qiang killed Han Xue, but Han Xue's relatives of Wang Qiangyu to forgive, and ask the court to reduce the punishment of the defendant or lighter.

Wang Qiang, the indictment alleged facts of the crime and charges no objection. Defense counsel: Wang Qiang and the husband and wife, for the life of fighting led to the incident, the case of the families of the victims of A thing has its cause.; Wang Qiang said understanding; Wang Qiang after appearing in court truthfully confessed, pleaded guilty a good attitude, hope that the court for a lighter punishment.

The court held that Wang Qiang because of life trivial intentional unlawful deprivation of life, causing serious consequences of death of a person, its behavior has seriously violated the citizen's right to life, destroy the social order, constituted the crime of intentional homicide.

Although Wang Qiang has a violent criminal record, but after appearing in court truthfully confessed crimes, the court confession, repentance, and the case was due to family intensification of conflicts caused by the crime, the tragedy led to the breakup of the family, the real victims of this family is only 10 years old children, both families and children are praying for the defendant return to society as soon as possible, take on the responsibility of the family. In order to protect the health of minors, to promote the healthy growth of minors, considering the circumstances of sentencing, the court according to the law of Wang Qiang lighter punishment.

Dalian City Intermediate People's court verdict, Wang Qiangfan intentional homicide and sentenced to fifteen years in prison. (text characters pseudonym)



Source: Peninsula Morning News

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