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The man suspected of "7777" license plate too high-profile, low-key to buy a fake brand on the road into the police station

2018-11-05 15:51 Jiangsu news TF010

As the saying goes: a low-key life, high-profile work,

Taizhou, a male driver suspected of "number 7777" too high,

To a way a low-key,

The results of their own into the police station......

 The man suspected of 7777 of the license plate is too high up bad idea into the police station

 The man suspected of 7777 of the license plate is too high up bad idea into the police station

The morning of November 4th, Taizhou Jiangyan Traffic Police Brigade police patrol, a hanging plate of Lianyungang Audi car inconsistent with the vehicle registration information, vehicle license plate suspected of forgery.

"This car is not stolen, is my own, formalities are complete." Chapter one explained the driver.

Subsequently, the police in the trunk of the car to find a pair of tail number "7777" Taizhou plate , this is the original license plate car registration number.

There is no formal license plate, but the suspension forged plate,

How is this going?

 The man suspected of 7777 of the license plate is too high up bad idea into the police station

When the police asked why a chapter, a chapter of the account is very simple: only for low .

"Where is the car, people will know where you are, to put it bluntly is what this means is not convenient, usually have less, do not open." Originally, a chapter of the construction business, frequented restaurants and other places, always feel hung "7777" number is not too much publicity, low-key, even a little insecure, but reluctant to sell , hence on the Internet just to buy a fake license plate idea.

Although for a low-key, but the behavior of some chapters also constitute a violation, he will face the detained vehicle, 15 days detention and a fine of 3000 yuan .



Source: China News

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