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"Tick house" magic elements Diablo shell wrapped in a warm cure?

2018-11-06 09:02 beijing evening news TF019

As of November the first large imports, "tick house" world with imaginative magic in the early winter brings warmth. The movie in the background and the gorgeous Magic Shell looks dark, wrapped in a warm story between man and cure, still talk about feelings and heal and grow together.

Leigh Lee

"Tick house" poster

Tick "house" starring Jack Black, Kate Blanchett is no stranger to the Chinese audience, the former in the "School of rock" in the wonderful comedy surprise, "the role of Kung Fu Panda" is to conquer all. The latter is the audience was nicknamed "devil" of Kate Blanchett, she played in the "Lord of the rings" series of fairy queen amazing crowd. But the two people in the "ticking house" does not take the unusual way, open mutual dislike, joy funny. In addition, "Kung Fu Panda" and "devil" in shaping the role in the film is also very different and unusual in the Hollywood blockbuster "hero". In our impression, fighting for justice is often the invincible superman, or is equal to anything wizard. But in the "ticking house", played by Jack Black Jonathan and Kate Blanchett as Mrs. Zimmerman will appear in ordinary people around us. Rely on each other in their struggle with the forces of darkness and encourage each other, understanding the love and courage is the most magical essence.

"Tick" house behind the team also called "ace". The film created by Steven Spielberg amp entertainment produced forest production, the company set up more than thirty years to bring numerous film and television works for a global audience, including the beginning of the year, the box office success of the reputation was "number one" game player. Tick "house" also with the "Adams style", "New York Times" "Hollywood reporter" substandard media evaluation film: style with the characteristics of forestry amp tribute, full of innocence and imagination.

The movie "tick house" scene called exquisite, constructed an imaginative world of magic for everyone. There has its own "personality" of the lovely sofa in the movie, purple snake "tame" variation of pet, click to send you a wonderful pool of stars, "" superb "earning large quantities of gold each day" of the game, and the guardian of the house, do not eat fish but not with the garden "cat litter"...... Very childlike imagination makes people seem real into the brilliant magic world, this is the charm of the big screen.

In addition to the film "a powerful and unconstrained style elements of magic, tick house" is still a very warm heart cure story. Jack Black and Kate Blanchett's character in the film, all have a very heavy in the past, the past so that they can not face the reality, but the parents of Lewis gave their life to bring a new opportunity. Three of the missing people through the company and love yourself, pick up the courage to embrace the future. This is the movie really want to transfer the value of real magic, is actually a "strong heart", each "weirdo" have their own unique value.

The film autistic boy gradually find the confidence in the process of studying magic, no longer insist to pursue their own so-called gregarious, no longer as illusory friendship compromise heart. Only in the acceptance of reality, he found the true self is so strong, brave invincible, totally worth the family for his pride, he has taken a very important step in the growth of. Ordinary people in reality is not so? Although the real life is not a movie in the powerful magic, but as long as we can as the protagonist of the movie, learn to let go of the past can be persistent, with love and courage to face the difficulties and hardships of life inside. As stated in a fan's comment: "really powerful magic, is understood by the company and love the heart and life will be indelible courage and innocence."

(original title: dark magic can also cure warmth)

Source: Beijing Evening News

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