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The bus driver to play mobile phone also hands off to be open, report winners million yuan

2018-11-05 15:44 ChuTian Metropolis Daily TF010

All passenger transport enterprises in Hubei Enshi commitment to report violations were the highest reward ten thousand yuan, caused strong repercussions in the local. 10 31 April, members of the public to report to the police, play mobile phone up to 5 minutes a bus driver while driving, hands off the steering wheel during many times. In November 2nd, the police investigation of the case interviews with the bus company, the driver was dismissed, the report on the 4 day won the million reward, becoming the first in Enshi to report such illegal winners.

An insider told AFP reporters in November 2nd, Enshi has a bus driver in the road on the way, repeatedly picked up the mobile phone to play WeChat, once during his hands off the wheel, a surveillance video recorded the process. Confirmed by the Enshi public security departments, according to anonymous citizen reports in October 31st, the Enshi city bus company 31 bus driver Hwang driving mobile phone play behavior, the police immediately organized the class Assault Investigation of the company's vehicle video. On September 22nd at 8:35 in the morning, 31 bus driver Huang, in driving to the Enshi Technical College to three bridge sections, repeatedly picked up playing mobile phone WeChat and answering the phone, and many dangerous behavior of the hands off the steering wheel, the total time for 5 minutes. In the process of driving, Huang has left with a mobile phone or a red light, stop watch mobile phone, even driving in both hands using mobile phone.

Verified, in November 2nd, the director of the Enshi Public Security Traffic Management Bureau Jin Hongchun led the relevant departments to Enshi city bus company, the company responsible for serious interviews. The police to the driver Hwang illegal processing, the company will be expelled, and promised to report cash ten thousand yuan reward. In addition, the police asked the company to carry out vehicles and personnel investigation to clean up a serious traffic violations driver, to strengthen the safety education.

The driver Hwang said, playing mobile phone in violation of laws and regulations, ignoring the safety of passengers, they have failed the occupation. Enshi bus company responsible person said that the driver's behavior seriously affect public traffic safety, but also to the enterprise management sounded the alarm, but also thanks to report to the public traffic safety supervision.

4, by the police to report reward ten thousand yuan. Informants said that winning is not the purpose of each public for such behavior will not be tolerated, especially enterprises need to strengthen their supervision and management. Enshi said that the public security departments will take this opportunity to continue on all passenger transportation enterprises and key enterprises to carry out safety education, strengthen the safety awareness of drivers, the main responsibility for the implementation of.



Source: AFP

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