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Reverse? Iqiyi v. watercress users slander programs, claims 500 thousand

2018-11-05 15:35 beijing evening news TF010

"Iqiyi employees play female fans", "program group play a dozen people"? Because of dissatisfaction was Douban user slander, "wonderful food" program produced by Beijing Iqiyi Technology Co. Ltd. the right to reputation dispute, watercress network operators sued Beijing beans network technology limited, required to remove the infringing articles, a public apology, provides 3 user's real identity information, compensation for economic loss of 500 thousand yuan. Today, the reporter was informed that the Beijing Haidian court accepted the case.

The Iqiyi company called large-scale variety show "wonderful" food producers, for program production and invest huge amounts of money, manpower and material resources. But in the program officially launched, the survey found that the network called "senior inspector Chen Xiaosheng", "girl rabbit" and "fckjzt" were released on Douban users called "suspected car? Iqiyi how? A dozen men beat female fans? "AQY," the wonderful food light program group beating geese move it (new staff reply) "," Iqiyi "wonderful food light > dozen men beating and also play the female fans". The three article mainly for Iqiyi "wonderful food" program group beat female fans concerned about the speech, "Iqiyi employees play female fans, there is suspicion of racial discrimination and sexual harassment of female fans", "ten men a girl, cuff and kick me dumbfounded," program group ten man hit a person ".

The Iqiyi company believes that Douban users in the online publication of the article and the Department of speech is not content, serious damage to its reputation, and bring serious negative influence to the program's reputation, undermines their legitimate rights and interests. At present, the case is under further investigation.



Source: Beijing evening news Jinggu Lin Bai

Editor: TF10

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