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Sun Nan and his wife 4 with children from Beijing to Xuzhou Pan Wei book recording the family life

2018-11-06 09:01 beijing evening news TF019

Singer Sun Nan and his wife Pan Yu's marriage was an entertainment events attracted a lot of attention, but the two parties have been keeping a low profile, outside of the state of their lives are poorly understood. Recently, Pan Yu's essays "heart" maps published by south of the Five Ridges Fine Arts Publishing house. This book has recorded much of her and Sun Nan family life fragments, shared her in recent years on the family, marriage, education, tea, Chinese medicine and other aspects of the experience of feeling. Sun Nan for this written order says: "this book illustrations, a true record of the many details in our lives, showing good teacher pan aesthetic concept and life style. The book has a deep description of parents, children and self growing heart."

Grow up

Singer Sun Nan said the Pan Wei book this thing on his feelings of "small" Xinhua News Agency reporter Zhang Jinjia photo map

Pan Yu served as the Anhui Tourism Satellite TV, TV host. 2009 years, the 40 year old Pan Wei entered the three marriage, married singer Sun Nan. Since two people together raising three children and their families before marriage brought from the daughter of Pan Yu Aibo, gave up his job to take care of their children and family. In the "heart" reflected in the book, Pan Yu also tells the story of another let friends can not understand the choice. 2015 years, Pan Yu and Sun Nan moved from Beijing to Xuzhou, the four children into a traditional culture of local schools, accept the traditional culture of learning. After moving to Xuzhou, one family rented in a small place, the children also enjoy their from the previous single room into a four man lived in a small room in a bunk. A sister when Pan Yu came to Xuzhou to visit them, leave after texting sincere words and earnest wishes said: "you home if there are economic difficulties, I can help you." There are friends that they move the news, privately said: "Sun Nan is crazy?" But Pan Yu believes that this move is to educate their children after moving in, "four children receive education in school children: children, young mind and YangZheng keep records and adult Yangde, three years, she saw the obvious change from children to care: more siblings, more respect parents, are more willing to share the work at home, grew more and more know with others. Pan Yu felt very pleased.

In the eyes of a friend, now the Pan Wei is more like a "home", take life as a cause to business. Not long ago, Pan Yu in the east ring a Chashe held a book sharing, expressed as "heart" to write the words reflected the cultural scholar Liang Dong, in Pan Yu, he saw the power of gushing out, this is a kind of beauty, is a kind of inner strength. He admired Pan Yu, and that everyone should feel and experience this book should also like her life. Pan Yu at the forum specially expressed thanks to her husband Sun Nan: "he is my most loyal readers, I finished each one will read to him. He gave me a space to grow, also encouraged me to open their own growth." Sun Nan joked, this Pan Yu Book thing is "small" of his feelings, "not" because "our pan teacher what will: skiing, golf, cooking, as a teacher, now more writing."

(original title: Pan Yu writes a book about why the family moved to Xuzhou)

Source: Beijing Evening News

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