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Su Ning "double 11" new ways: 1 billion subsidies, proprietary appliances 30 days insured

2018-11-05 15:20 beijing evening news TF015

"Double 11" has become the electricity supplier can not spoil the battlefield. announced this year "double 11" during the game, in addition to the payment of 1 billion yuan subsidies for consumers shopping abroad, also launched a proprietary appliances 30 days insurance service. map, Zhu Hao photo

"We will have 1 stores to participate in this year's two activities 11." CEO Hou Enlong introduction, Suning's "double 11" Carnival will be from the beginning of November, lasting 12 days, including 9 days of the day, seckill super super stores and 10 to 12 days of Carnival day. 12 during the day, Suning Tesco shopping 10 billion yuan in addition to payment of subsidies, will also provide users with 100 million 500 million 12 free shopping places.

The first price and then discount prices is 11 year double trough point. Reporter noted that, for this, launched 30 price guarantee service: from 10 20 to 11 12 April period, consumers in the online purchase of marked the price protection 11.11 proprietary household appliances, from the beginning of payment, as long as found in the same city with a sales price lower than the purchase price. You can directly submit 30 price guarantee application, after verification, Suning will according to the relevant policies in the form of vouchers to return post invincible. At the same time, during from November 1st to 11th, all of's proprietary products will achieve the shipping is free, consumers do not have to get single free shipping.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF015

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