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Ctrip modify Hotel cancellation under these conditions can be free to cancel the rules

2018-11-05 15:14 beijing evening news TF015

Had to cancel travel, but hotel reservations have to deduct the full amount, this is criticized by many tourists. The day before, Ctrip announced nearly one hundred thousand hotels, optimize the cancellation policy. After optimization, the original "irrevocable" nearly ten of thousands of hotels, if you travel in the day 18 points before a change in schedule cancel hotel orders, only 10% of the price deduction.

CTRIP Website screenshot

The so-called "irrevocable" Fangxing, refers to a reservation will not make any changes or cancellation of the hotel room, if you need to cancel the corresponding penalty will be charged. Before Ctrip hotel cancellation policy optimization, if the booking cannot be cancelled Fangxing the user is unable to stay, will be deducted from the penalty, is generally full charge. It is understood that the cancellation of Ctrip after optimization policy: 10 days before the date of arrival before 17 free in the day before 18:00, cancel; deduct costs 10%; in the day after 18:00 cannot be cancelled. Joining in the future optimization to cancel the project will continue to expand the scope of the hotel.

It is understood that after about 13 thousand daily Ctrip users call, want to cancel because they can not stay on schedule the deduction.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Fu Yang

Editor: TF015

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