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Beijing Shunyi first collective land rental housing and strive to start the year after the completion of the main for these people

2018-11-05 15:07 beijing evening news TF015

Shunyi District Construction Committee disclosed that the first batch of 4 collective land rental housing project has obtained the project approval procedures, and strive to start the year, the future will be built mainly for employees of enterprises in the park surrounding, in order to achieve the job housing balance.

Beijing Fengtai District Nanyuan Township chengshousi village collective land rental housing project officially started construction, the Xinhua News Agency for map

According to reports, the project has 4 procedures of collective land rental housing projects, the construction of a total land area of 192 thousand and 900 square meters, including dormitory and apartment layout of residential packages. Among them, Niulanshan Town Officer Zhi Juan Cun project is located in Niulanshan Town, South Road, West to the residential area of Tang Ren Lu, the total land area of 1.18 hectares, with 2.59 million square meters of construction; Mu Lin Zhen Dong Yan tou Cun will provide both projects, divided into residential buildings on the South side and the west side of the building block to block residents, project the total land area of 8.61 hectares, the construction area of 7.9 million square meters; Zhang Zhen Zhuang village project east Lotus Garden District, South District, west of Zhang Liang Industrial compound, north to Yongqiang homes, a total area of 5.66 hectares of land for construction of 8.8 million square meters.

According to reports, the four projects will strive to start the year, the District Department of housing and urban planning and land department will coordinate the project to accelerate the design review work, a clear public service design facilities, with the construction of commercial, parking and other indicators.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF015

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