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Chen Xuedong Bea Hayden Wang Taili Andrew Lau Shing Yee in "martial arts" monster to the Lunar New Year

2018-11-05 15:06 beijing evening news TF008

The action comedy "martial arts" held in Beijing on the monster before the conference, director Andrew Lau and producer Shing Yee, starring Chen Xuedong, Bea Hayden, Wang Taili, special star Dongyu Zhou, starring Pan Binlong appeared together. The scene, Boehner chairman Yu Dong officially announced the movie file December 21st, and confidently said: "December is the annual battleground of the schedule, viewing the atmosphere is very warm, I believe that the schedule this year should be the" Wulin monster "dominate the political arena because I, old rivals, Chinese circle top guide all not in this schedule."

The film tells the story of the "monster" martial arts during the Ming Dynasty, the East Palace Escape heavily reward for the capture of monsters, while several lakes forces gathered together to rob the silver surface, but with a monster head-on collision, which triggered a series of hilarious stories.

The build-up of the Chinese film circle of gold production team, director Andrew Lau and producer Shing Yee, action director Li Dachao had won awards. The director of association of Hongkong President Andrew Lau and former president Shing Yee met nearly Thirty This is the first year. On the day of the two "best partner" to open each other make complaints about model, Andrew Lau revealed to Shing Yee "80s has seen, but he is a big star, I am the coolie, I know him, he doesn't know me," Shing Yee is funny responded, "I am Andrew Lau grew up watching drama grew up".

Speaking for the first time cooperation led to two big lead, the winter said proudly: "I told Liu Dao, I have worked with many movie guide, both of them experienced the most brilliant Hongkong film Thirty Years, has also created a lot of records, everyone has a lot of awards trophy, also won the Hongkong Award for best director, so I think this movie is very rare, it should be said that by the end of this year is the most important part of commercial films."

Several stars have also said that the two guide and cooperation is very happy. Dongyu Zhou bluntly, this is a drama taken by myself most relaxed, "do you know how much of a director, in his crew filming particularly happy, especially high efficiency, it is very early, very happy, sometimes I feel shy away." Chen Xuedong remember, once the crew went to the mountains to shoot, looks particularly smooth, lights and seats are in place quickly, and later learned that the director has three to five days ahead of time to the scene and all things are ready. Winter said, so efficient work habits from director Andrew Lau Thirty Develop a year ago, he was filming "like work, four PM a day, because every day he gets up at two in the morning, the night time to play, want to work."


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Li Li

Editor: tf008

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