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Beijing card student card support mobile phone recharge adds the function

2018-11-05 14:56 beijing evening news TF015

From today, the students of primary and middle school students and college students' hands card cards can support mobile phone recharge and delayed.

The reporter learned from the card company, experience for bus services to further enhance the primary and middle school students in Beijing City, United card company of Beijing education network and information center to complete the work of the 1 million 205 thousand joint certification of primary and secondary school students card. Since November 5th, Beijing City elementary and middle school students can apply for student card recharge and extension service through mobile phone online.

All the time, because the student card holders can enjoy a special discount bus ride 2.5%, so the cardholder must be offline outlets for recharge and extension of business. For the convenience of students card related business card company, based in the pre operation of college student card, mobile phone recharge cards opened and extended service of primary and secondary school students.

It is reported that currently on the market most has the function of NFC Android mobile phone has been in support of the business. For the first time for the recharge or extensions of the student user, need to download the "Beijing card" App and complete the registration, the "service" page and select "student card", input information after the completion of the certification you can enjoy the convenience of mobile phone recharge card attached service. Note that, at present only with C logo support student card online recharge, and recharge the NFC induction zone student card back close to the mobile phone, the related interface pops up after according to the prompts.

In another development, for the convenience of the family, each Beijing App card account can also support a student users and three students users opened real name authentication service. In the user card is about to expire, but also through the App "special card extension" function to delay the operation.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Li Bo

Editor: TF015

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