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"The calendar" become "xiangbobo" Beware of punch blindly

2018-11-05 14:51 beijing evening news TF015

"From the Tibet rock ridge of snow leopard hunting powerful posture, to Afghan girl blue bright eyes...... Every day a blockbuster." In November 4th, Wen Qing Xiao Jing to purchase orders for 130 years "National Geographic" of the first calendar, priced 99 yuan. From 2019 two months, the market competition is like a raging fire calendar. Bookstore, press, magazines and online merchants, more and more people are entering the market calendar.

The Imperial Palace calendar data

99 yuan calendar magazine

Every year to buy himself a calendar, is a small Jing always doing things, colleagues therefore also referred to her as "love me little green man". "One", "the Imperial Palace" calendar calendar calendar "," species...... These years, small Jing had purchased many "Red Net" calendar, gradually, her shopping list is shorter and shorter, gradually concentrated in the "the Imperial Palace" calendar.

"Bought a calendar, some belong to follow suit, after a year is not caught, it is the" the Imperial Palace "calendar, a few years down the most favorite." In October, small Jing orders early in Tmall bought a "the Imperial Palace" of the calendar so, ready to meet the 2019, who knows, a few days ago, she saw the promotion of "National Geographic" calendar in the circle of friends, can not help but heart.

"The world's most spectacular landforms, most rare creatures, the most beautiful scenery, accompany every day in 2019." Xiao Jing said, the slogan of the calendar poked her heart, so, although the 99 yuan price as in the "money", she did not hesitate to hand, he wished to see the whole world "opened".

Simple calendar listed in advance

From 2015 the "the Imperial Palace calendar" is available, since the last century into people's homes in 80s calendar, and gradually get rid of the unusual mark attributes are marked on a paper. "The Imperial Palace calendar", "a dream of Red Mansions", "one calendar calendar", "family", "daily calendar calendar", "read the poem on course"...... The 2018 calendar can play on the market, "Red Net" label calendar up to 10.

The Wenchuang calendar, some "on the left", in the pages of the tearing sound feel the urgency of time; some are "5", with the changing faces of the moon to remind people's daily; some "left", the 365 day of the story mixed together. But without exception, each of the calendar almost all used cloth, pay attention to the design and illustrations, pricing is slightly more expensive than a novella, from 60 yuan to 200 yuan. This year, the reporter found that the calendar competition intensified again, not only the magazines and websites have also joined the ranks of the publisher, the calendar listed ahead of time to 10 months.

Yesterday, reporters search found that the "the Imperial Palace" calendar, "a dream of Red Mansions", "one calendar calendar", "Tang beauty", "beauty of the Song Dynasty calendar calendar", "day 2019" course...... In recent years, the "red" calendar have been sold, and some even joined the "double 11" discount promotion ranks. For example, the Jingdong, by Zhonghua publishing the "Tang beauty" calendar is 27% off, CITIC Publishing House calendar "is" a dream of Red Mansions on the 46% off, and to participate in the "Cross shop double 11" full reduction activities.

Beware of punch blindly

"Now young people need a kind of art fan children, the calendar of cultural and creative products to meet their cultural needs, often young people as gifts to others." A press practitioners told reporters, now the calendar has long been out of the basic timing functions, is more like a label, a memorial. At the same time, compared to the book, the book pricing comparable to the calendar, the profits were higher, so there are more and more sought after, bookstore, press, magazine etc. have entered into it, "but also be alert to the trend of the phenomenon."

As many people love to go to the network red shop buy creative calendar clock, can also be seen as a way out." After 90 Iverson, will buy a calendar, this year is the calendar watercress she said, her identity symbol, "a group of people playing watercress, watercress how can not buy calendars."

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Zhao Yingying

Editor: TF015

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