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Technology upgrades to promote lean operation Hello travel to help Changping standardized management

2018-11-05 15:12 beijing evening news TF008

"The bike car sharing rate is particularly high, and sometimes five or six cars can be swept out," at the Huilongguan subway station on the train of college students said in an interview with reporters, "many have had similar experiences with her people, Huilongguan bike sharing is not small, but can use less."

As Beijing's super large communities, two communities in Huilongguan Tiantongyuan daily tidal population flow of about 500 thousand to 600 thousand people, mainly to the Zhongguancun, Wangjing, Sanyuanqiao and other regions, and CBD. Because the road is too crowded, the local residents depend on subway travel. The bike sharing to the residents in Changping has brought great convenience, but also to the local traffic management has brought a lot of problems.

To solve the "last kilometer" travel pain points of Changping citizens. The bike point ha Chan

One is the public bicycle sharing needs, on the other hand, high failure rate and deposit returned to the disorderly parking and other factors also make a lot of public backlash.

Recently, hello cycling occurs in the streets of Changping, and has been widely acclaimed by the public: "bicycle body is very light, very good ride. And through the Alipay scan code can realize the "free riding" sesame credit ", will not worry about the problem of deposit can not be returned." Hello this bicycle brand, unfamiliar to the people of Beijing. However, the reporter query data found that before entering Beijing, hello bikes have roots in the two or three line of the city, and in the industry to open nationwide credit and free riding.

Hello Changping street bike

Starting from September 2017, Beijing "investment ban order" has been more than a year. Hello this question to the new faces in Beijing have legal operation qualification, hello responsible person responded: "Yongan bike sharing through inheritance rights, hello bicycle has a certain quota of replacement in Beijing. October 2017, hello and Yongan cycling under low carbon science and technology limited company merger, after the merger of Hello bicycle become the actual operation of the main. In order to meet the Beijing suburbs surrounding the public "last kilometer" travel demand and supplement local capacity, hello bicycle at present mainly in the Beijing suburb of trial operation."

It is understood, according to the Beijing Municipal Traffic Commission "total control instructions, reduce inventory, but also to the people of Beijing to provide more quality services to ride, a small bicycle replacement early hello. The Hello responsible person told the reporter: "before the replacement of bicycle market, hello bicycle always actively cooperate with the work of the government, the potential problems to solve, such as the user's deposit refund, recovery of Yongan for the bike sharing. After nearly half a year of recovery of replacement work, hello bicycle will have the opportunity to provide services for the people of Changping ride."

"To Tiantongyuan subway station walk from my home to 20 minutes. Sharing a bike just appeared, really a lot of convenience, but bad car too much, just like before walking past." Who lives in the North District of Ms. Chen, recently not to damage rate is too high, no car bike can ride the worries, "as long as I see Hello bike, you don't have to worry about a bad car, a new car and rides very well."

Lean operation scheduling of large data capacity of the local solution to the contradiction between supply and demand

According to the Beijing Municipal Transportation Commission data show that in the first half of 2018 shares Beijing bicycle total 191 million, representing a decrease of the last 9 months when the peak of nearly 20%, the total control of bike sharing. However, the six areas of the city put the problems of excessive sharing bicycle eased, suburban counties of the "last mile" problem is still not solved well.

Compared to other suburban counties, currently in Changping put the number of bicycle is ideal, but the contradiction between supply and demand still exists. In addition, the effective guarantee public riding needs at the same time, if to solve management problems Luantingluanfang, has become the responsibility of the government and enterprises on the shoulder.

Reporters in Huilongguan small, crowded subway station visited found that in the rush hour, bike sharing disorderly parking is not uncommon, but Hello bicycle by hand point placed to effectively solve this industry pain points. Responsible for the operation and maintenance in the designated bike Hello East Huilongguan Street Mr Cheng told reporters that for Luantingluanfang, "tide" phenomenon, hello bicycle launched a scientific operation management and scene operation, different regions will be divided into many grids, each grid operation and maintenance personnel are equipped with special vehicles, especially in put more intensive business super, such as schools and hospitals, to guide the user to regulate parking, and during the morning and evening peak finishing standard vehicle parking.

Hello travel street bike finishing operation and maintenance personnel

It is understood that the Changping community crowded, hello in a number of subway stations set up specifically designated maintenance personnel, to ensure the orderly vehicle parking area. "Hello bicycle in order to put great example for other shared bicycle brand plays," Mr. Zhang lived in East Huilongguan street with deep feeling: "in the past, the morning rush hour subway station bike sharing everywhere on the edge of Luantingluanfang, which greatly affects the working efficiency of the travel."

According to Mr. Zheng, hello bikes available through large data platform independent research and development of the Harbert system was used to analyze the data and calculate the user focus, riding peak demand of the data, delivery, according to the actual situation of vehicle scheduling flexibility to meet the needs of users, to ensure that people can not be deposited, the vehicle is not idle, improve vehicle utilization rate and city travel efficiency. Mr. Zheng gave reporters demonstrated Hello third generation car smart car lock upgrade self diagnostic function added. It is understood that, once the vehicle operation appeared in the process of software problems in the lock of the car, the system will automatically record and report to the server, operators can take the initiative to find the fault of the vehicle, to a certain extent to get rid of the user is not found, the vehicle does not deal with the dilemma.

Hello cyclist CEO Yang Lei said in public: "bicycle is a typical frompointtoarea business, before all the colleagues are all focus on the post, and hello just is not the same, we put all the focus on the things in advance and solve, operation and maintenance the maximum problem by technology."

Technology to promote comprehensive upgrade Hello travel to help the city intelligent transportation

In September this year, announced a comprehensive upgrade to the single hello hello travel, in products, services, technology and other aspects of the responsibility of a comprehensive upgrade, open a new stage of development from the shared bicycle service providers to professional mobile travel platform. The latest data show that the Hello bike has been assigned to 300 more and more scenic city of 260, registered users over 2 million; Hello moped has entered a number of national 100 City, the user has more than 5.8 million kilometers of riding.

"No matter if it is a bicycle or moped business travel, hello there has been a leading position," Hello travel CEO Lee drove by, these are Hello travel adhering to science and technology to promote the achievement of evolution by city travel. It is understood that hello travel latest self-developed fifth generation intelligent lock, application of adaptive Bluetooth technology can effectively reduce the vehicle idle rate is expected this year will be put into application. Hello and travel breakthrough of the latest technology, the industry's first reached the practical level of adaptive Bluetooth electronic fence will make the parking error is less than 10cm, fully optimize the sharing of cyclists in the city in management efficiency.

Statistics show that the "Hello Harbert riding big data system" has assisted many governments, optimizing local traffic management. Dongying, Hangzhou, Xiamen and other assistance to the government, to build shared bicycle operation model, travel interactive cooperation; and with Nanchang, Hunan, Wenzhou and other governments in-depth cooperation, sharing of official travel start cycling mode.

In November 5th -11 month 10 days into the Expo held during the Hello travel and Shanghai Shentong Metro Group will travel the new practice mode of subway and the integration of smart bike access "landing, not only in the nearby subway station opened a special bicycle parking area, still near the National Convention Center four km within the Department of electronic no parking area bicycle parking, effectively promote the standardized, orderly management of traffic power.

With the upgrading of the brand is hello travel responsibility upgrade, Yang Lei told reporters, hello will travel with big data and artificial intelligence, to help the construction of city planning management and intelligent transportation. The future, as in the past Hello travel will adhere to the "science and technology to promote the evolution of travel" mission, together with partners to create a more eco friendly travel environment for the public to provide more convenient, environmentally friendly and efficient travel service.


Source: Beijing evening news Meng ring

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