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The global health center located in Beijing Haidian for drug development aimed at major disease drug development

2018-11-05 14:40 beijing evening news TF010

China's first government support technology in PPP mode of private non enterprise nature of the new research platform of global health drug research and development center, Zhongguancun, before officially settled in Haidian District, Yongtai Zhuang Road, No. 1 Dongsheng International Science Park, there will be the future of China top new drug research and development and transformation of innovation mechanism.

R & D center chief operating officer Lu Manchun introduced the center by Tsinghua University, Beijing municipal government and the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation co sponsored the establishment of the Gates foundation, is the first direct participation in the construction of the research institutions in the world, but also the drug R & D Center for the first time in China landing. "In our PPP model advocated for a long time, but most of them are used in the bridge infrastructure such as roads, projects, research projects in the use of PPP mode, or for the first time."

R & D center is located in Zhongguancun Dongsheng International Science Park Building No. 2, a more than 6000 square meters of space decoration has been completed and put into use. Into the bright and spacious office area, the sunlight streaming into the room through the window, a few pots of green plants, several scientists are discussed. Lu Manchun, R & D center in the Department set up and pharmaceutical enterprises alike, but different. The center employs biomedical scientists, set research targets like pharmaceutical enterprises, in accordance with the biology of disease areas and provide support to carry out group, public platform, chemical screening, structural biology, drug design for each disease biology group. The study of four or five key diseases we are currently paying attention to tuberculosis and malaria, will center of biological scientists according to their own field of study group, to carry out the four or five kinds of diseases. We only do early innovative drug discovery to study pre clinical stage, clinical drug candidate developed, clinical trials will be carried out by further downstream partners."

In the modern, spacious and bright office space, currently has more than 30 biomedical scientists to carry out research work, including senior scientists working in large pharmaceutical companies or foreign research institutions for many years, there are more than 30 year old young scientist Dr. graduated. Engaged in the research field of biology scientist Chen Shuo had been in American universities and pharmaceutical companies engaged in research work, he told reporters that his research is the foundation of science, the opportunity in the United States gradually become less, so the choice of home development, and settled the R & D center. "This kind of platform is very common in the United States, but still try to China, here I can more simply engage in new drug research and development, I hope it will go better and help more people."

Lu Manchun said that the R & D center is a private non enterprise units, with the current focus on the field of public welfare, is facing the developing countries to solve the major diseases, because the drugs for the treatment of these diseases low profits, pharmaceutical companies are generally not willing to invest in R & d." R & D center construction of a goal is to set up a team of more than 100 people, the new drug research and development as the foundation, make extensive and lasting contribution to global health.



Source: Beijing Evening News

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