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The first "home show" is the beginning of the five month broadcast call for the whole of society

2018-11-05 14:40 beijing evening news TF015

Reporters from the meeting this morning, President of the National Association for the exchange meeting was informed that for the about 28000000 domestic service tailored "domestic Spring Festival" in 2019 will be held during the spring festival.

2018 CCTV Spring Festival Gala, Jia Ling's essay "true teacher" received high praise, domestic people instantly refresh circle of friends, this essay also allows people to further understanding of the domestic service industry. Now, domestic attendants should not only in the CCTV Spring Festival Gala on "performance", they also own as an actor, do the spring festival.

Vice president of China Family Service Industry Association Zhuo Changli said that the end of the domestic industry led by the rural poor population, the other end is connected with the families of the city, is the best platform for docking. At present, the domestic market has made considerable progress, but still facing the market management is not standardized, the service standard is not perfect, the obvious contradiction between supply and demand, practitioners of low social status, belonging is not strong. Society needs to understand domestic, domestic need more self-discipline and self-reliance. "Domestic Spring Festival" is to pay for 28 million of the country's domestic workers toil in return, they also witnessed the glorious work, hope that through this event to let the community really understand domestic, enhance the mutual understanding between domestic workers and employers, but also allow domestic people more love for your career.

"Domestic Spring Festival Gala" jointly sponsored by various provinces and cities nationwide hundred domestic industry association, the plan held annually. The party take the form of taped, scheduled for the beginning of the five month is in domestic digital TV broadcast channels, and video broadcast platform and platform in cooperation with a number of network, more convenient online audience could see "home show" highlights of the event.

The first "home show" served as general director from the national level actor, performance artist Shi Xiaojie. The program call for the whole of society, the collection time from April 11 2018 1 to 12 31. Domestic enterprise management personnel, all over the country, and housekeeping employers, people concerned about the domestic industry can 2019 domestic public registration number in the WeChat Spring Festival Gala ".

Source: Beijing evening news reporter: Lili

Editor: TF015

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