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Beijing Miyun 220 thousand people will enjoy supplementary medical insurance, can calculate how much money?

2018-11-05 14:38 beijing evening news TF010

Miyun District this year will be for 220 thousand of the region in the year 2018 in urban and rural health care personnel to carry out the supplementary medical insurance, comprehensive coverage of the original system, "one old one small and unemployed residents insured, alleviate the medical high medical expenditure caused by the difficult problem.

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Miyun District cooperative medical management center director Qi Mingli introduced, security funds by the government, urban and rural residents without payment, all the staff to participate in the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents are automatically enjoy supplementary medical insurance policies, inpatient and outpatient special disease, emergency medical expenses incurred are within the scope of protection, but the general outpatient clinic the cost of drugs and medical expense, expense items can not be reimbursed.

According to reports, Miyun District provides supplementary medical insurance differentiated to low-income workers and ordinary residents in urban and rural areas. In a calendar year, the inpatient and outpatient special disease, emergency, the basic medical insurance for urban and rural residents, home medical assistance, urban and rural residents illness insurance reimbursement, low income individuals bear accumulated within the scope of medical insurance costs, part of more than 5000 yuan, be reimbursed according to the proportion of 90% ordinary urban and rural areas; the total commitment to individual residents within the scope of medical insurance costs more than 15000 yuan, be reimbursed according to the proportion of 90%. On these two kinds of people are not reimbursement cap line.

For example, a common urban and rural residents health care workers suffering from major diseases, hospitalization in the city hospitals, within the scope of medical insurance cost 422000 yuan. According to the basic medical insurance policies for urban and rural residents, may be reimbursed 200 thousand yuan. Next, according to urban and rural residents illness insurance policy and reimbursement of 133432 yuan, the personal burden within the scope of medical insurance cost is 88568 yuan. The supplementary medical insurance of Miyun, this 88568 yuan to 66211.2 yuan last reimbursement, personal burden was 22356.8 yuan. In so doing, patients can not less than supplementary medical reimbursement costs 6 yuan.

Supplementary medical insurance is divided into annual compensation and compensation for half a year. Miyun area due to the large amount of medical expenses, special disease caused by life is very difficult, need capital turnover of the insured person dedicated to the opening of the first half of Easy Access compensation, the insured person in the second half of the year to submit the relevant towns by the social security bill, advance the application of supplementary medical insurance. Obtain the annual compensation for urban and rural residents, there is no need to submit personal material, nor the insured for any department, the annual compensation will be carried out in the urban and rural residents illness insurance reimbursement after the end. Underwriting units will be in accordance with the Miyun District supplementary medical insurance policy and compensation standard, calculated the amount of compensation and the staff enjoy supplementary medical insurance, by bank transfer to my account.


Source: Beijing evening news Li Yi

Editor: TF10

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