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Women's dissatisfaction with the cosmetic effect against clinic 100 thousand after reconciliation still repeated reports against the defendant

2018-11-05 15:00 beijing evening news TF019

Because of dissatisfaction with the patients in violation of "reconciliation agreement", a Beijing Medical Beauty Clinic recently were Ms. Jin to court, request the return of settlement 100 thousand yuan, Beijing Haidian court has accepted the case.

Cosmetic. Guanyinhui

According to this beauty clinic, Ms. Jin of nasal plastic surgery at the clinic in May 15, 2014, after the "subjective" not satisfied, so the two sides dispute to court. After two, the court ordered the clinic does not bear any responsibility. But after the final judgment, Ms. Jin continued to report to the administrative organs, the administrative punishment was so clinic.

The two party to quell the dispute, in the administration's proposal, the clinic for a long time in consultation with Ms. Jin, finally agreed to pay a settlement clinic in December 6th last year, both sides signed a "reconciliation agreement". Beauty Clinic said, according to the agreement, Ms. Jin promised after the commencement of this agreement, shall not in any matter required clinic items covered by this agreement, any responsibility; or by including but not limited to the court proceedings, retrial, report to the administrative organs, posted on the network in any form, express or an indication of the clinic services and related products shall be liable for any relevant information or mention this medical project; or in any form to publish all relevant information related to the medical services, including but not limited to the content of services, technology and related product information.

In March 8th this year, the clinic received Ms. Jin filed to the Beijing Municipal Higher People's Court of retrial, also received Ms. Jin to repeat the report of administrative organs. The clinic, Ms. Jin received a settlement, in violation of the parties voluntarily signed the "reconciliation agreement" agreement, a serious violation of the principle of honesty and credit, have the right to request the clinic settlement has been paid double the return. At present, the case is under further investigation.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Lin Jing

Editor: TF019

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