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Hundreds of times this house and the closure of the mill three months inspections are still being secretly sewage

2018-11-05 14:36 The Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission State website TF011

"So many leading cadres to work as a mere formality, the check!" Recently, the Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission of Guang'an City striker District of town Angela informed exposure mills shut down work in 6 leading cadres responsible for negligent issues of accountability, a typical case of the formalism and bureaucracy, has aroused strong repercussions in the local.

Data figure Xinhua news agency business for Haichun

In September 2016, a district of Sichuan city in Guang'an province reflect forward town to the Luxi River sewage illegal Angela mills, seriously affected the production and life of the villagers along the river to the letter, sent directly to the Ministry of environmental protection at the time. In view of the seriousness of the matter, the relevant departments to set up special inspection group, Angela mills illegal sewage incident to carry out special inspection. The front area of Angela sewage treatment equipment and waste pulp direct excretion into the Luxi River, causing serious pollution of the river.

After receiving the assigned problems after the year 9 on Sept. 23, striker district leadership in the Standing Committee two instructions require timely disposal, the district government also immediately led the development of the work program on Angela mills shut down in accordance with the law, for the District Council by letter in charge of electricity production, stop water supply District Environmental Protection Bureau is responsible for the enterprise; the collection of sewage charges of illegal business in strict accordance with the implementation of the punishment, and urge enterprises to close the implementation in place. The person responsible for the implementation of the town enterprise to close down the real-time supervision work.

However, the decree to the relevant responsible units, the implementation is greatly reduced.

9 month 27 days, by the deputy director of the letter Bureau in charge of Wu Xudong found that the company is part of electricity and more than 70 households in the village of electricity must be together, to the transformation of the grid can be completely cut off. Because of trouble, Wu Xudong is haunted by luck, not strictly supervise the enterprise to implement power measures, no part of the water, was also not on the matter track.

In October 30th, District Environmental Protection Bureau Huang Shiyong think Angela mills has been shut down, not to the scene to verify. In November 15th, the District Environmental Protection Bureau reported before, arrangement of district environmental monitoring law enforcement brigade captain Deng Huasheng to shut down the implementation of enterprise on-site verification. Deng Huasheng see Angela mills closed door factory, in the factory outside a few factory gate closed production photos as evidence get throught a thing carelessly.

Kwun Tong town Party committee held a special meeting to clear the deputy mayor Xin Dafei led the town safety office director Leibo responsible for real-time monitoring of the enterprise, do twice a month to carry out an inspection, and arrange the Angela mills donkey Yan Cun and Jingdong responsible for the daily supervision of village cadres. However, Xin Dafei, Leibo, et al in the number of inspections to see the factory has not closed the door into the factory to check, in fact the enterprises have been using Tuzao secretly production.

The donkey Yan village and village cadres although Jingdong work programme was developed, and stipulated that the village cadres daily rotation, but weekdays are in attendance to the list of fake sign, and not to see. Moreover, 11 in the first month, the Jingdong village Party branch secretary Du Changlin listen to the masses to reflect his angel mill to resume production of things, but Du Changlin thought he was just the village cadres, to the enterprise boss you cannot hold or not, wink is not involved, there is no report guide collar to the town.

In this way, a flash of time to December 23, 2016, Sichuan Province Department of environmental protection law enforcement corps again to Angela mills check, found this at the end of September to the closure of paper mills, there is still a pipeline in the illegal production.

From 9 23 to 12 23 April, 3 months, from the District Department to the town, to the village, large and small 10 more than the leading cadres at all levels, and more than 100 inspections have not found illegal production of "traces", along the masses of problems have not been resolved, making deployment the District government did not implement the landing.

This is typical of formalism and bureaucracy!" In April 2017, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection after receiving the striker problem clues, immediately set up an investigation group, on An Qi mill shut down in accordance with the law to carry out the investigation and dereliction of duty default problems start accountability procedures, given by deputy director Wu Xudong administrative warning letter Bureau, Kwun Tong Town safety office director of Leibo administrative warning, Kwun Tong Town Village Party branch secretary of Jingdong Du Changlin and donkey Yan village Party Secretary Cai Daiying party warning. By the letter of the Secretary Shen Huayun, mayor Deng Hong, Tong Tong Town deputy mayor Xin Dafei admonishing conversation. (Sichuan Provincial Commission for Discipline Inspection of Guang'an City striker District Commission of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Commission National | Tomlinson website Wang Xiaoning)

In contact with the masses and serve the masses, the masses focus on remediation side especially the formalism and bureaucracy of the salient issues of the masses. For example, ignoring the interests of the people and the sufferings of the masses are the problem completely indifferent, to cope with the negative, to the reasonable demands of the masses, buck passing chilled horizontal push, the attitude of the masses is simple and crude, arrogant.

From the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection Office issued "on the implementation of the important instructions of general secretary Xi Jinping focus on remediation formalism and bureaucratism work opinions"


Why do inspections of hundreds of times can not find the problem? The problems involve too much trouble too, directly behind, pulled out a mobile phone or taking photos at hand to meet up, or see the gates closed "horse back", or only a perfunctory daily patrol attendance list. This is the part reflects the grass-roots party members and cadres ignore the interests of the masses and sufferings, encounter problems, lack of supervision when evade the crucial point "Scarecrow", encounter conflicts around issues such as walking.

Only the board play of formalism and bureaucracy found together, accountability together, found a group, accountability group, in order to effectively open up the responsibility at every level of the obstruction, completely activate cadres officer entrepreneurial "nerve endings".

Zhu Songlin of Sichuan province Guang'an City striker district Party committee, the District Commission for Discipline Inspection and supervision committee director of district



Source: National Commission website of the Central Commission for Discipline Inspection

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