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Beijing ecological conservation area dynamic financial subsidies every year rose 10%!

2018-11-05 14:43 Beijing daily client TF008

Reporters from the Municipal Government Information Office held in Beijing City, "opinions" on the promotion of ecological protection and ecological conservation area and green development of the press conference was informed that the city will increase the ecological conservation area of support, in education, in the current basis, the annual re arrangement of ecological conservation area of each District 100 million yuan of education transfer payment subsidy.

Deputy director of the Municipal Finance Bureau Han Jie introduction, in recent years, the City Finance Bureau, considering the reality of ecological conservation zone "fiscal revenue is relatively weak, the heavy task of ecological construction and development" requirements, continue to increase fiscal and financial support. In five years, the municipal financial cumulative ecological conservation area of the transfer payment funds of 265 billion 800 million yuan, the annual fund size increased from 45 billion 490 million yuan in 2013 to 66 billion 80 million yuan in 2017, growth of 45%.

Ecological conservation area due to the geographical limitations, the level of economic development is relatively backward, the basic operation and development of public utilities security capacity is relatively weak. The Municipal Finance Bureau according to the city's basic public service guarantee system to financial subsidies for the average level of ecological conservation area, and the establishment of a dynamic growth mechanism, the annual growth of 10%.

It is understood that the city fiscal arrangements for ecological conservation area to meet basic needs of operation system of subsidies, subsidies in the total size of the fund accounted for 70%, ecological conservation area to effectively protect the basic operation and improve the level of basic public services in education, medical, health, social security etc..

Han Jie introduction, the next step will be to study the adjust and perfect the current subsidy policy, to further improve the ecological conservation area of the subsidy standards, a greater degree of inclination of financial resources, improve public service field of ecological conservation area security level.

In the aspect of education, in the current policy on the basis of the annual re arrangement of ecological conservation area in each district 100 million yuan subsidy, the transfer payment of education at the same time, the average daily quota of compulsory education will be part of the subsidy ratio from 25% to 100%. In the public culture, basic public health and pension services, will further improve the subsidy standards.

At the same time, in the current city to vertical transfer payment on the basis of the city will promote the deepening of cooperation mechanism of twinning ecological conservation area and other regional advantages complementary, win-win cooperation, the establishment of cross horizontal transfer payment system. In support of the scale, according to different situations of the development of ecological conservation area, set up 50 million yuan and 100 million yuan two tranches of the minimum support standard; in a collaborative way, through direct funding or support, guide the green industrial projects, enhance public service capacity and other forms, promote coordinated development of ecological conservation area.


Source: Beijing Daily reporter Sun Jie client

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