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Beijing blue sky Jiayuan district has set up an old soldier's volunteer hairdressing team, which has grown from 3 to 26.

2018-11-05 14:57. beijing evening news TF017

"Run three times and wait for an hour and five minutes to finish it. The fee is 168 yuan, too expensive". "There are no elderly people who are suitable for us. I am my wife at home." In a residential forum held in the blue sky garden area, the most concentrated issue is hairdressing. Because most of the retirees in the community are looking for a suitable barber shop, it becomes a problem for everyone.

Photo taken: Mo Fan

The old man is troubled by his haircut.

Dong Changjun and Li Shuyan of the blue sky garden have not had their hair cut since 1999. In the old two, it seems that those barber shops do not seem to be very popular with the elderly. The old men do not have much profit, and the barbers do not like to chat with the old people. Dong Changjun, who belonged to the air force before retiring, had the habit of hairdressing with each other, so Lao Tung had a chance to cut his hair, and the old man wanted to have a hairstyle.

Also known as the problem of barber, there are also Wu Nan Nan. Because of the more exquisite, Uncle Wu basically has a haircut once a month, but a large barber shop near the district is popular in washing, blowing, modeling and one-stop service, regardless of the length of the cut and the length is 168 yuan a head, and a cheap haircut is 68 yuan.

Hairdressing is only a trivial thing for young people, but for older people, there are many obstacles between home and barber shop. Take the blue sky Jiayuan as an example. Most of the residents are retired cadres and servicemen of the air force. Over 5000 residents are mainly elderly people over 65 and seventy or eighty years old. Many people have bad heart and feet. They need to go through a large overpass to get a haircut. Some old people are difficult to get up and down.

Why don't barbers welcome elderly people? The reporter interviewed several hairdressers randomly. The barber who was in a barber shop near the University told the reporter that because the student shop was coming to the student store next to the University store, and there was a big step at the door of his shop. He was afraid that the old man would fall and fall into trouble, so he would not receive the old customers. The barber of another shop said that the old man had a low profit and a small profit. The store also had to pay the cost of rent, electricity and so on. In addition, reporters also learned that the relevant government departments have also launched a "hairdressing project" barber shop specially designed for the elderly group, but several shops have closed down due to the pressure of operation.

Establishment of veteran compulsory hairdressing team

But the hair is cut every day in the long months, and the haircut seems small but not trivial. The reporter understands that the problem of hairdressing reflected by the elderly is mainly concentrated in the following aspects: high price, far away, inconvenient and so on. When the market regulation is out of order, the interested residents have come up with some other ways.

On a Saturday morning in September, the small square on the blue sky garden was lively. There was a red banding on the wall with compulsory haircuts. Eight chairs were lined up, and the "customers" had already been seated. The barbers were holding the faders and scissors alive. Looking carefully, these hairdressers are not too young, and some of them have grey hair. It turned out that in order to solve the problem of hairdresser in residential areas, especially the elderly, in a community party branch activity, Wang Juhua, a 77 year old veteran, proposed to set up an compulsory hairdressing group. The proposal was supported by everyone, and members of the party Fu Shumei and Li Fang immediately expressed their willingness to join it. The voluntary hairdresser also specifically selected the birthday of the party - a trial run on the community cultural square in July 1st, and eight or nine people came to get their hair cut the same day. Reporters came to interview this time, which is the fifth time the hairdresser has served the residents free of charge.

Among the barbers, Wang Chunxiang, more than 50, was the most popular among lesbians because she worked in a barber shop and had good skills. Every time, Wang Chunxiang came early and gave the residents some time to go to work. With two chairs, Dong Changjun's "workbench", "barber", the barber himself is already 71 years old. One of Dong Changjun's "customers" told reporters that Dong Changjun had a good reason for his haircut. He gave it to his classmates when he was in the local aviation school, and later he gave the soldiers a service in the army. Now he retired and joined the voluntary hairdressing team to serve the residents. Dong Changjun, who knew him well, said that he had no idea of being a leader or a shelf. The same technology as "hairdresser" Zhao Jiandong also has a "repeat customer", and some have three consecutive times to get him to get a haircut. Zhao Jiandong's wife will not cut her hair and volunteer as well. Wang Junsheng, a 73 year old soldier and wife Wang Meilin, are also "husband and wife files" in the hairdresser's group. Looking at his wife, Wang Meilin, with a powder puff in his hand, carefully pushing off the broken hair on the neck of his customer in an electric hand, Wang Junsheng laughs, "from short haircut to shaving head, she practiced for more than 30 years on my head. I didn't expect this self-taught craft can help so many people now."

Now, the compulsory hairdressing group has changed from the original three to 26. Because of the old soldiers in it, the hairdressing group has been called "the old soldier compulsory hairdressing group" by everyone.

Hairdressing is more heartwarming, laughing and laughing constantly.

The voluntary haircut has been welcomed by residents in the community and has warmed everyone's heart. On Saturday, the maximum age of the barber's group was an elderly couple. The grandfather was 88 years old. He pushed the wheelchair old man down the stairs to get a haircut. The 86 year old grandmother finished the question and asked for the next time. At the same time, he told him to prepare a chair for the barber, otherwise he was too tired. In addition, there are residents suggested that the compulsory hairdressing group is serving the public in the open cultural square. Now the weather is cool. What should we do when winter comes? After all, hairdressers and "customers" are not old enough. "Winter can not freeze." Usually, the barber group is from 7:30 to 9:30, but on Saturday, there are still residents coming. Most of the old comrades who came to the haircut were not willing to refuse, but the last part was close to 10:30. In three hours, the barbers kept standing and squatting, and there was no time to drink.

The old man who can't go out, the barber goes to serve. "Although everyone is from all corners of the country, it is fate to get together in a community. After retirement, we did not have two kinds of soldiers when we were serving as soldiers. Wang Juhua said this with emotion. Compared with the ordinary barber shop, there are more laughter and warmth. "Customers" came and helped them, and they were kind to each other. The hair is over, and I exaggerate, "how nice it is to change a person, ten years younger!" The haircut interval also accompanied the old man to chat with his family, and his mood improved as well. Heart to heart, the volunteers pay has been recognized by everyone, this positive energy is also inspiring the community of two committees, property and community residents, the community party branch secretary and neighborhood committee director Li Haishui took the lead in the barber's group to donate hairdressing tools and supporting equipment, the property has been pulled off the line to provide a good layout for the electric clippers to work, the 70 year old uncle Mu Jingui issued a haircut specially sent to the barber shop to buy a popsicle, and the vegetable express train returned to the barber's group for free more than 20 big watermelons. I didn't expect to cut this small incident to bring everyone's hearts together.


Source: Sun Wenwen, Beijing evening news reporter

Editor: TF017

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