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Beijing Lantian Jiayuan district team has established veteran duty barber development to 26 by 3

2018-11-05 14:57 beijing evening news TF017

"Run three times an hour five minutes finished, charges 168 yuan, is too expensive" and not suitable for our elderly, my wife is me at home"...... In a blue sky garden district residents held a forum, the most concentrated opinions is the difficult problem of barber. Because the district is mostly retirees, want to find a suitable barber shop has become a difficult problem of everybody.

Data for photo: Mo Fan

The old barber more distress

Dong Changjun and his wife Li Shuyan, the blue sky garden started out a haircut from 1999. In the eyes of the old two, the barber shop did not seem to welcome the elderly, Leonardo is not cheap too much profit, the barber who don't love and old chat, talk casually even, sometimes go home, but also to repair their aunt. His wife Dong Changjun retired belongs to the air force, other forces in the barber's habit, so a pair of old Dong practice will barber skills, wife to hair, Lao Dong will give out wondering.

The barber was also plagued and Uncle Wu Liu nan. Because Uncle Wu is exquisite, basically a haircut once a month, the area near a large barber shop is popular wash cut blow molding all in one service, regardless of short cut long will be 168 yuan a head, and a cheap haircut is 68 yuan a.

The barber for young people is just an ordinary thing, but for older people in between the family and the barber shop has a lot of obstacles. In the blue sky garden as an example, many residents for the air force retired cadres, soldiers, more than 5000 residents over 65 years of age, seventy or eighty years old, a lot of people is not good heart, the legs are not agile, go to barber had a big bridge, some elderly people on the bridge are difficult.

Why not love the elderly barber reception? The reporter interviewed several barber. In a barber shop near the University in the barber told reporters, because the store next to the university because of the students to the customer, and their store is a big step, afraid of the old man in a dispute is not easy to fall, so the old customer reception. Another shop barber said, the elderly barber shop cheap less profit, but also the burden of rent, electricity and other costs, not love the reception is mainly considered from economic factors. In addition, the reporter also learned that the relevant government departments have also launched specifically for the elderly service "silver project" barber shop, due to operating pressure in several shops have been closed.

The establishment of veterans obligation barber group

May every day in the month long hair cut haircut, seemingly simple but non trivial. Reporters learned that the old people reflect the difficult problem of barber mainly concentrated in expensive, far away, not convenient etc.. In the case of failure of market regulation, some residents came up with another way.

9 month a Sunday morning, a small square on the lively blue sky garden. I saw hanging on the wall of the duty barber red banner, eight chairs lined up, "customers" are already seated, hairdressers, scissors are busy hand clippers. Look, the barber's age is not small, some have gray hair. Originally, in order to solve the residents especially the elderly barber problem at a community party branch, 77 year old veteran Wang Juhua proposed the establishment of a duty barber group. The proposal got everyone's support, Party members Fu Shumei, Li Fang immediately expressed their willingness to join them. The group also specially selected duty of the birthday party - 7 1 April in the community cultural square test operation, the day there are 89 individuals to find their hair. This is the reporter to interview, barber group a fifth residents free service.

In "the barber", more than 50 year old Wang Chunxiang is one of the most popular female comrade, because she is working in a barber shop, good technology. Every time Wang Chunxiang is early, and later to the residents rushed to work. Across the two chairs, "Dong Changjun barber" "table", the barber himself was 71 years old. A "customer" of Dong Changjun told reporters, Dong Changjun barber was good for a reason, when he was in place for students of the aviation school, later in the army for soldiers, now retired to join the group and to the residents of duty barber service. Familiar with his say Dong Changjun can not see when the leadership, there is no shelf. The same good "barber" Zhao Jiandong and the "repeat", there has been three consecutive time to find him a haircut, Zhao Jiandong's wife also not barber, as volunteers, let the hair to timely cleaning dustpan. The 73 year old veteran Wang Junsheng and his wife Wang Meilin is a barber group "husband and wife", looked at the wife Wang Meilin puff hand cleaning hair with the hand hair clippers carefully push the "customers" neck hair, "Wang Junsheng said with a smile from the hair to shave her head in. My head coach for 30 years, did not think this self-study craft can now help to so many people".

Now the group has duty barber from three into 26, because the inside of the veteran, the barber group was everybody affectionately known as the "veterans obligation barber group".

A more heart warming laughing

A compulsory activity has been the district residents welcome to warm your heart. Saturday day, the maximum age of the inhabitants of the Barber Service Group is an old couple, grandpa is 88 years old, pushing a wheelchair bound wife went down here to the barber, 86 year old grandmother back end not forget to ask the next time, also told to also prepare chairs for the barber. Or you are too tired. In addition, there are people, groups are all duty barber in the cultural square open-air service for everyone, and now the weather has turned cold, until the winter time how to do? After all, the barber and the "customers" age are not small, "winter not cold ah!" Usually, the barber group is from 7:30 to 9:30 Saturday service, but there have also been residents come at 9:49. Consider the arrival of barber is old comrades, we are not willing to refuse, finally closing time is close to half past 10. In three hours, the barber who had been standing, squat, a drink of water before drinking.

No way out of the old man, "the barber" to go door-to-door service. "Although we come from all corners of the country, but can get together in a community is fate. After retirement and we also was no two, are all brothers and sisters!" Wang Juhua said this sentence with everybody. Compared with the ordinary barber shop, here is more laughter, full of tender feelings. The "customer" to take hold, courteous and accessible to each other. Hair done, boast a "more neat ah, a ten year old young man!" A batch also accompany old people chatted chat, haircut mood also follow good. Your volunteer efforts have been recognized by everyone, which shares the positive energy but also inspire the community committees and property and the residents of the community, community party branch secretary and director of the neighborhood barber Li Haishui lead the Group donated barber tools and supporting equipment, property to pull the line provided to strip hair clippers, at the age of 70 uncle Mu Jingui haircut barber for group bought popsicles send vegetables train back to the barber group sent a free more than 20 big watermelon...... The barber think this little thing, your heart get together.


Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Wenwen

Editor: TF017

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