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Be vigilant! "Crazy shopping" may be the psychological signs of disease experts have this several suggestions

2018-11-05 14:29 Beijing daily client TF011

"Double eleven" is approaching, many people have already prepared to "buy a big pass". But the "buy" unusually strong, very may be a sign of mental illness. Beijing Huilongguan psychological experts said that if a person is not because of the need of some goods and shopping spree, probably got sick of mental illness.

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"Shopaholic" is no longer a single women, many men also love "double eleven".

These days, Chen just browse the goods, his shopping cart is "full", from a variety of snacks, to the men's T-shirts, shoes, hats, and music player...... With up to several thousand yuan. "In fact also is not what is thinking of necessities, double eleven discount, buy it." He said.

Many people like Mr. Chen, before buy buy buy, after buying, and regretted buying a lot of useless goods.

Psychological expert: "Shopaholic" belongs to the category of impulse control disorders

Beijing Hui Long Guan Hospital medicine addiction psychotherapist Liu Yan said, "shopaholics" there is a morbid of commodity possession, when they face the goods will be a superb collection of beautiful things special impulse, even if it is of no use or repeated goods, will buy without thinking. See if not buy, the heart will be suffocated, but often bought later regret. If the overdraft consumption, will become anxious. "Shopaholics" attention far more than the shopping shopping.

"Sick of shopping behavior will bring many problems." Liu Yancheng, ill shopping behavior, not only may bring economic burden, affect the relationship of family and friends, but also may bring serious social problems. The pathological symptoms and pathological gambling, shopping, eating, theft, in psychology, all belong to the category of impulse control disorders. Usually, the pathological Shopaholic will be combined with the other problems associated with impulse control, such as overeating, depression and drug abuse and other issues.

"Shopaholics" may also have manic tendencies

Psychological experts have warned that some people not only high consumption, but also emotional consumption too high, unreasonable consumption increasing, such a "Shopaholic" if at the same time and extra words, especially cheerful performance, is likely to have manic tendencies, need professional psychological examination.

Suggestion: cash payment shopping impulse suppression

Experts also made a few strokes, to help consumers shopping impulse suppression.

For example, the "plan": to develop the habit of doing plan before shopping, a list of the items they need without discount or leisure season;

"Accounts", the amount of spending to record large commodities or large consumption expenditure, reduce the blind;

"Time", the row to the shopping time schedule, defining a rough time, can avoid the selection of time and scope caused by excess shopping;

"Cash payment", a lot of people love shopping have the habit of using a credit card overdraft credit card, indulge in, is not conducive to develop reasonable consumption concept; suggestions shopaholism people use cash, so more aware of their consumption amount, to control the purchase behavior.



Source: Beijing Daily reporter Liu Huan client

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