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Beijing Xicheng double Huai Li District residents in front of the building to lock the unauthorized installation space is accounted for no parking

2018-11-05 14:24 Beijing daily client TF011

Recently, some residents to reflect the author, their home is located in Xicheng District Shuang Huai Li District, some residents open space in front of the building to install a lot of locks, occupied parking resources, causing other residents unable to stop. He wants to pass the newspaper appealed, the district public space belongs to all residents, these privately occupied parking lock should be removed as soon as possible.

I saw in the District, and several residential buildings are equipped with a variety of ground lock, triangular, square, there are people with iron chains and bicycle parking spaces. In 2, before the building next to the building under the wall of an ten lock, in addition to parking two cars parked, other spaces are of different shapes to lock on. In another building, a layer of a resident outside the window, with a square iron, occupy half a parking location, parking is also filled with a conical barrel. Apart from another household layer of the residents near the window, simply set up half a meter high platform, on which stood a bamboo curtain and bricks. I found that one building unit door step, and the emission of two triangular lock, seems to be waiting for installation.

I understand that living in the area of the part of the owners, because there is no parking area, had parked the car to the area outside the road, every weekend, in order to avoid being attached to illegal parking, will have to move the car early in the morning to go out. The parking problem is hard, but the limited parking resources are taken, it's not fair." These owners want to appeal to the relevant departments to dismantle the lock, to let the residents shared parking resources.



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Editor: RB011

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