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Beijing Daxing District Jin Rong yuan some owners private circle of green garden construction waste no clear

2018-11-05 14:22 Beijing daily TF011

Recently, some residents to reflect the author, they live in Daxing Jin Rong Yuan District, many owners of public green vegetables occupy inside the heap, piled up in the small corner of the building no garbage cleanup. They had many times to reflect the property company, but did not solve. The residents hope that the territorial management department to supervise the property renovation of residential sanitation.

I see in the area of Jin Rong Yuan District, building an earlier era, into the area of the road has been damaged, there are many places with mud. After entering the cell, the author found that there are several residential floor balcony outside the green surrounded, which piled up various personal items, or placed on the plants, planted vegetables. The public green circle of a household with barbed wire will belong to the community together, which piled up all kinds of daily necessities. While the green outside the ground piled brick tile and all kinds of garbage, seems to have long time no one cleaned.

I see between the floor and the green belt lawn not only trees, many trees between the area is bare. In the area of a curved uncle said, living in a household will ring up green, when their own garden, many of our residents to reflect the property company, but not for what. I came to the old man with a building, he pointed to a pile of construction trash under the wall, the garbage for more than half a year, no one to clean up.

The author in the area for a few laps, found three or four cluttered with garbage, piled up a garbage has more than one and a half high, rubbish down with a thick layer of dust. One of the owners said that the property company to residential sanitation management.



Source: Beijing daily to Liwen rivers and photo

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