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The young couple owed 300 thousand net loan insolvent divorce husband: can money, one half

2018-11-05 14:54 beijing evening news TF019

Two couples were married for five years without formal work, usually living on parents to help, and add up to two of the loan network about 300000. His wife to divorce court, and asked her husband to take all the debt. The husband said: divorce, one half of the arrears.

Rosa Li

The plaintiff Zhang to Miyun court said, after marriage, she and her husband Wang mousheng two children. "After marriage I has no fixed job, Wang in his father's business shop, there is no income." According to her, Wang love playing mobile phone games and gambling, has used her mobile phone to download a number of network APP lending, say business failures need to borrow money to pay. Zhang then in more than 20 different APP Jingdong, such as flower chanting ant IOUs to borrow about 100000, a few thousand dollars each. As sue, has been extended to more than 10 not yet. This time Zhang has received numerous phone calls, letters, threatening phone calls, but Zhang believes that the money is used for gambling husband, you have no money, also need aid to mothers raising children, the prosecution asked for a divorce, child one to raise debt burden entirely by the defendant.

The defendant Wang argued that: "this is only about 100000 plaintiffs on the mobile phone mobile phone on loan loan, I have about 200000. All the money for living expenses, the plaintiff will not live, no family, often remove the western wall up the east wall, to children to buy milk, diapers are used by Jingdong. I agree to divorce and custody of a child, but requires the plaintiff to pay half the debt."

The case is being heard in the process.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Enron

Editor: TF019

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