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Have abandoned public toilets, new public toilets difficult completion of the Beijing drainage area toilet ye so difficult

2018-11-05 14:18 The party to help you do TF011

Recently, who lives in Tongzhou District drains residents Mr. Zhou to the newspaper, the drainage area is lack of public toilets, so that nearby residents inconvenience. Jade Garden District on the west side of the river before a public toilet, 3 years ago to stop using, although now are in the vicinity of public toilets, but it turned out to be a wasteland in the circle inside the wall, even if built is not convenient to use.

Jing Park District on the west side of North Gate enclosure in a public toilet, the main structure has been completed.

Recently, the reporter went to the scene and see Mr. Zhou together Ciqu in public toilets. In the jade river garden area West Road South hundreds of meters, see a white cottage. Although there is no toilet cottage logo, but through the window you can see there are toilet facilities. The toilet door piled a lot of debris, also parked used vehicles, almost to the door closed. Because there is a street near the market, so the number of people here. A nearby merchant told reporters, here is a public toilet, heard later because of the management has been locked for three years, has not re opened. Often anxious people come to find public toilets is not open, in the vicinity of the shelter here leads to a piece of urine, urine stains, smell.

Reporters then came to a green park area to the north of the west, I saw a Weidang in a house in the main structure has been completed, but there are no signs of continuing the enclosure construction. Mr. Zhou said, this should be in the construction of a public toilet, no decoration, look at the situation at least a couple of months to complete.

Then, the reporter went to the meeting by the community health service center, there is also a public toilet is under construction. The reporter saw the workers are working across the fence, the toilet has not been capped. Strangely, the toilets built on a piece of wasteland, although close to the Lu Road, but it was a 2 metre high wall inside. Even the toilet repaired, if you do not open the fence, passers-by also don't want to use.

Mr. Zhou told reporters that the old man go out particularly concerned about the toilet problem, so he every day around look around public toilets. But in the Qu Lu West Line (also known as the "Ciqu Street"), this section of the road about 3 km in length, on both sides of residential areas concentrated, but that no one can use the public toilets.

The reporter saw 6 year at the beginning of the month the Tongzhou District government had for the toilet problem: Taiwan Village reply to people 2018 years in Canal Street 8 new public toilet, the new public toilets design drawings have been completed, the construction is expected to 6 at the beginning of the month, the 7 month normally put into use. But now it is already November, in the construction of public toilets are in the construction phase, when can the water power and put into use? The original residents suggestions will be put into use in the toilet, the toilet is difficult to solve.



Source: Beijing daily newspaper client to help you do reporter Luo Qiaoxin correspondent Wang Qing

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