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Female headhunting illegal access to tens of thousands of personal information exchange within the Q group called the crime circle not to expand

2018-11-05 14:41 beijing evening news TF019

"I really don't know their behavior violated the law, know now, I pleaded guilty to penalty." Recently in the West Court female headhunter mengmou regret a previous mistake. In order to expand their circle, job seekers information she secretly will obtain from the original unit, the recruitment website on the exchange with others in the search QQ group 18 million 520 thousand, illegal access to personal information of citizens, citizens will also be part of the personal information to others.

Data figure. Xinhua News Agency Zhu Huiqing

This year 30 year old Meng is a years of work experience in the "search", has been engaged in the recruitment work in a headhunting company, later also opened their own company.

According to the prosecution allegations, 2015 to 2018 years 5 months, mengmou does not have the qualifications and conditions of legal collection of information of citizens, from the work of the company who download and save the personal information and exchange with others in the QQ group in the private, illegal access to a large number of personal information of citizens, the number reached 18524776. In July 2017, personal information will also be part of mengmou illegal access and available to others, the number reached 551633.

In court, mengmou tone is not high, but in the face of the prosecutor's questioning answer, good attitude.

Mengmou said she had been in this industry, accused the company to have personal information and useful company registration number from large-scale recruitment website, and download from the search QQ group. "We have a lot of search folder plate QQ group, the group, which can be downloaded free recruiters resume and mail list."

"To your job seekers information is for your personal or for work?" The prosecutor asked. "For work, let us take good care of yourself." Mengmou answer. The person in charge of the unit Mouyuan Meng said, mengmou work is mainly responsible for job seekers, companies do not allow the staff to download the personal information of job seekers. And mengmou these citizens' personal information are stored in the U disk on their own, even after leaving no destruction.

From the charge of content, mengmou did not consider the personal information of citizens for money transactions. According to her own account, download the information is not used very much. But she share the information to the main group and other group of friends, to join more high-end search group, do this just to expand their network of contacts.

Mengmou statement reflects, as to grasp a large number of job seekers information headhunters, circle formation secretly, a large number of citizens' personal information exchange.

This phenomenon has also been aware of the police. According to the reporter, mengmou was arrested, but also because the police find the search QQ group, follow it to find mengmou.

Mengmou's lawyer said in court, mengmou of legal understanding is not enough, do not know it is illegal to keep personal information of citizens, to save so much information, plus she engaged in headhunting work, it is no harm in subjective.

Moreover, from somewhere to get Meng thousands of personal information of citizens, the police station had randomly dialed 20 personal phone, only 7 on the line, there are 4 people that he is active in the online public information. "This information is mengmou work over the years accumulated, there are a lot of personal information of citizens is invalid, there are quite a few or individual citizens in the initiative to open online." The Defense wants the court to consider the combination of these circumstances, mengmou penalty.

The public prosecutor retorted: "these job seekers to provide their information to the recruitment website, is to open in the recruitment website, does not mean that they should put their information open to the whole society, to allow everyone has access to their personal information."

However, the prosecutor also suggested the court mengmou, after appearing in court has a very good attitude, truthfully confessed. And she's quite young, the child is relatively small, hope that the court will be at the discretion of the judgment.

Mengmou in the final statement said: "I really don't know oneself to violate the law, know now, I pleaded guilty to penalty. I just do the recruitment work, I didn't want to use this information to others."

The case was not in court for sentencing.

Source: Beijing evening news reporter Sun Ying

Editor: TF019


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